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Three Friends Save A Girl From Rape Attempt After Noticing Something Suspicious About Her Date

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Unfortunately, rape is one of the most common sexual assaults. From 15-20% of all women in the U.S. have experienced rape at least once in their lifetime. What is even more disturbing is that these numbers are lower than what reality says. This means that you or someone you know have quite a high probability of having experienced this traumatizing event at least once in your life.

One girl at a restaurant was almost raped after a dinner in a restaurant. Luckily, the three friends that were sitting at a table close to the girl saw something suspicious that made them observe the situation of the girl and her companion. After some thinking, they decided to get involved and eventually their bravery stopped the rape attempt that was about to happen. But what did they see in the restaurant that made them act?

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1. A Night At Fig

Three women from Santa Monica named Sonia, Monica, and Maria were having drinks at a fancy restaurant called Fig in Santa Monica. They were catching up during their happy hour and laughing.

All of them were really enjoying the delicious treats they ordered at this great Mediterranean restaurant It was one of their favorite places to hang out.

2. Fig at the Fairmont

Fig is not just another restaurant you just pop into. It has a very curated menu created by skilled chefs that know exactly what they are doing.

Of course, not only do they serve great food such as pizza with prosciutto and amazing types of cheeses or delicious salads, but they also have a carefully picked wine list. It is one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Santa Monica.

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3. Fig At Five

These friends were ready for another Fig at Five. It is one of the best happy hours in Los Angeles, very popular with Westside locals.

Monica, Sonia, and Maria couldn’t wait to order their favorite cheeses at half price, chosen by FIG’s own cheese guru. And everything was fine, the three women were chatting and laughing until they saw a sudden change in Monica’s face.

4. A Suspicious Man

Sonia stopped talking immediately when she noticed that Monica was making a funny face and was staring behind. Sonia asked her what was going on, she had no idea why she would just suddenly change her mood like that.

Monica remained silent for a couple of moments and then answered: “That guy just put something in her drink”. Three friends started wondering what they could do.

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5. First Date

They first observed the situation of the two and concluded that it was probably their first or second date. The two were splitting a bottle of wine.

It seemed like they were a couple that was just getting to know each other, and if Monica hadn’t seen what he did, no one would ever suspect that he could harm her.

6. The Bathroom

But still, the girl had no idea what was going on and the three friends knew they had something to do. Luckily, this happened when the girl stood up to go to the bathroom, and Sonia quickly went to find her.

She had to tell her. If they don’t warn her, who knows how she could end up! Sonia was feeling awkward that she had to tell her such a dramatic thing, and was afraid. What if the girl doesn’t believe her?

7. Telling The Truth

Once the girl finished washing her hands, Sonia approached her: “Hey, this is kind of weird, but, uh, we saw the guy you were with put something in your drink.”

The girl was standing in shock slightly numb. The only thing she managed to say was: “Oh My God!” Then Sonia continued: “We had to say something. How well do you know that guy?” The answer she got wasn’t something she was expecting.

8. One of Her Best Friends

Sonia was hoping to hear “We just met”, but instead the girl said: “He’s one of my best friends”. Apparently, the two worked together and knew each other for a year and a half.

Sonia now told her that she should talk to Monica because she was the one that saw everything. But when they got out of the bathroom they saw Marla talking to the server. What was going on now?

9. The Creepy Guy

Monica filled them with more information. She saw the guy taking out a little black vial, opening it and dropping something in the girl’s glass. What made everything more creepy is that he saw that Monica witnessed everything.

After it, Marla noticed that the guy was now looking at Monica nervously and said to her friend that he acted really creepy. While they were talking, Marla was already taking action and asking for the manager to get involved.

10. Waiting For Help

The manager went quickly to their table and asked the pair if everything was ok. The girl ordered sparkling water and acted as if nothing had happened. The manager let security know about the situation, but couldn’t do more because he hadn’t seen anything.

They had to wait for Police to take action, and the girl had to act for more than 40 minutes that everything is just fine even if she just found out that one of her best friends wanted to drug her.

11. Delaying The bill

As she wasn’t drinking from the glass since she got back from the bathroom, the guy was trying to get her to drink. He tried several times to chink his glass to hers, but she managed not to react.

They finally finished dinner and the guy asked for the bill. Luckily, the staff knew what was going on so they kept delaying the bill by saying “The computer is down”.

12. Santa Monica PD

After 40 minutes, Santa Monica PD finally walks in the restaurant and immediately approaches the table where the two were sitting. They just said, “Come with us”.

What surprised everyone that he didn’t protest at all. He didn’t ask why he had to go with them, nor did he seem surprised!

13. A Girl Saved

Because the three women notified the manager immediately, they were able to review the footage from the security camera and got him on tape. Police took the proof, the glasses and asked witnesses for statements.

The girl was so lucky that Marla, Monica, and Sonia intervened and saved her from being drugged and raped. The poor girl even left her car at the guy’s place, so apparently, it was all part of a plan. She was still in shock.

14. Charlies Angels

The three women that intervened and saved this girl suddenly became the heroes of the place. Suddenly, people from the restaurant started approaching them and thanking them for taking action. What surprised them, even more, was that all of the people thanking them knew someone or were personally affected by someone like this.

That’s why Sonia wanted to share this story in order to let other people know that taking action in these situations is crucial. The three friends, the manager, staff, and police altogether saved this girl from having a traumatizing experience that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

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