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This Is How World’s Most Beautiful Girl Looks Today

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The world of modeling is a crazy stressful thing to be involved in even just a little bit. Too even compete at the professional level involves hair-pulling auditions, disappointment after disappointment, and dealing with the hateful attitudes of other models who feel they deserve the position more.

How does being part of something like modeling affect children so differently from adults? The concept of child models has and always will be a very heated topic of discussion.

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Shows like Toddlers and Tiaras, which depict children in ridiculously heavy make-up and outfits most parents would throw in a furnace, do not do any favors for anything ‘child model’ related.

Over-the-top makeup and outfits aside, many feel the world of modeling is too sexualized for children to even be a part of.

Thylane Blondeau, a young model who started her career at four, was thrust into the world by football star Patrick Blondeau and French actress Veronika Loubry. She was named ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in The World’ a few years back.

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Thylane was once involved in a controversial photo shoot set up by VOGUE magazine back in 2011. Many felt the cover photo she posed in was far too adult for a child of her age at the time.

A Christian charity, Mother’s Union, released a statement in regards to Blondeau in her shoot saying “We have an agency here who clearly doesn’t understand if they represent a child or adult.”

While the public is greatly concerned about Thylane Blondeau’s well-being, her mother Veronika doesn’t believe there is any need to worry. Regarding VOGUE, she was more concerned about her daughter wearing a nearly $3 million bracelet.

The public need not worry, as her mother has stated she turns down more than half of the things Thylane is offered.

Now 17, the model says she enjoys all the clothing and makeup she gets to try. She is also more concerned at the moment with school than modeling.

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