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US Border Patrol Saves The Life Of a Sedated Tiger Cub That Was Smuggled In A Black Duffel Bag

When it comes to smuggling, people tend to get inventive. Smugglers transport all kinds of things. Sometimes its drugs in quantities you would only see in movies, and sometimes they transport living cargo. The black market for exotic animals is a very lucrative business, making it hard to track down people involved in such operations.

Normally, the U.S. border patrol’s job involves stopping individuals from sneaking into the country illegally. Sometimes, it may involve investigating massive shipments of unknown items. On April 30th, the border patrol of Texas was met with something they never thought they’d see on their shift.

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While scanning the state’s southern border along the Rio Grande, agents found people attempting to cross with something other than drugs. When a chase ensued, the individuals dropped the bag and the three made their way back to the Mexican side of the border.

When you see a black duffel bag, it usually screams ‘drugs inside,’ right? Well, this time Texas patrol was met with the fuzzy, striped face of an unconscious tiger cub about 3 to 4 months old. Yes, these men were attempting to cross the border with a critically endangered species in tow.

Luckily, Texas border patrol was able to get into a place that could take proper care of the big cat. The cub found its way to Brownsville’s Gladys Porter Zoo.

While it’s bold for anyone to make the trek to cross the dangerous environment surrounding the border, it’s even bolder they would attempt to do something like this.

This shows that the wild animal trade is alive and well. For the cub in this story, he may never see anything outside the zoo in which he is now located.

The preservation of these animals is of grave importance, as there are more tigers in the continental United States than there are in the rest of the world.

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