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7 Most Time-Consuming Everyday Tasks

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We all have a daily routine that we stick by and it sometimes varies depending on the day of the week. As the day goes on our everyday tasks may become exhausting and take us far longer than we expected. There’s no need to shorten the list of tasks that make up your daily routine, but what are you supposed to do if they’re wasting valuable time?

Here are a couple of time-consuming everyday tasks and things you can do to shorten them a little:

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1. Running Errands

Running errands is something that every parent or working individual must do every day. The issue with running said errands is the time it takes to get to wherever it is you need to get to. Susan Hamersky, the owner of California Concierge, says “Plan the order of your stops in a clockwise direction. That way, you avoid all the time-consuming left turns.”

That is the exact formula that deliver company UPS uses when delivering by truck. Former driver Dan McMackin also believes planning your errands to drop things off on your way out and pick them up on your way home.

2. Dry Your Tears

You may shed tears for a variety of reasons but the most common is when one might cut an onion. Most people believe the only solution to this is dabbing at the uncontrollable tears with a piece of tissue. It helps dry the tears, but it won’t totally stop them. Professional chef Tom Ginsberg recommends the freezer. “I stick my head in the freezer for a couple of seconds after I cut onions.”

Not in the kitchen when it’s happening? Dab, but do not rub them away.

3. Keep a Journal

As a human being, it is pretty normal to lose track of a handful of things. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s also okay for you to have a journal to keep track of things. But the issue with a journal is the time it takes to sit and write things down in it.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer suggests printing out the e-mails one sends to family and pasting them in a blank notebook. “It’s like my yoga teacher once said about working out: ‘All you need to do is stretch for five minutes a day.’” states Mountain Dreamer. “Of course, once you get going, you’ll wind up doing more.”

4. Get Cut Flowers to Bloom

This is far more difficult than most people would expect. The rose bush in front of my house goes out of control every year, so I thought cutting a few stalks from it and planting them might be a good idea. Needless to say, my lack of proper cutting knowledge prevented me from growing a thing.

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If you want to cut back here on time spent, learn to cut flowers at the proper angle allowing preservation of the cadmium layer. One more thing to promote the bloom of your flowers is to simulate the sun’s heat with a blow-dryer with an attached diffuser.

5. Speaking a Foreign Language

While many speak only the language they grew up with in addition to English, others may take an interest in learning a different foreign language. If you’re simply going overseas for a visit, there’s no need to beat yourself over the head with a bloated language course.

Don George, an editor at Lonely Planet, suggests a phrasebook with things like: hello, good-bye, yes, no, please, thank you, excuse me, sorry, Do you speak English?, and I don’t understand.

6. Get Your Daily Vitamins

No matter how old a person gets, they will never enjoy having to take their daily vitamins. If you would rather eat food than take a bunch of pills, a bowl of Total cereal has 12 vitamins and minerals. The best part is the cereal has the 100% daily recommended value. Don’t turn your nose up at the milk either because there are vitamins from the cereal in there as well.

7. Catch Up on Current Events

Even if you do not always want to hear the news, it is important to stay informed about what’s going on in the outside world. You can use the website AssignmentEditor.com, which gives access to a surprisingly large number of newspapers.

Personally, I use the Newsbreak app on my phone, which gives me a list of online news articles separated by a specific category. You can even customize it to give you only feel-good stories if you desired.

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