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This Adorable Toddler Has Hilarious Conversation On The Phone With Imaginary Friend

When you’re a kid, it’s hard to find someone to talk to. You have a lot of energy and get frustrated easily. But who can you talk to when parents are the source of your frustration? Some of us may have grabbed the phone to speak to a familiar voice.

One child in Dublin, Ireland, was having just a terrible day and felt the need to vent her frustrations to a trusted friend.

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Three-year-old Daisy Healy decided to call someone she knew would listen: her great Nana. The adorable little girl decided to call her imaginary friend to speak her mind about the frustration her dad was giving her.

Daisy’s dad, Alan, made sure to capture the moment on film, which seemed to fuel the conversation that the child was having with great Nana.

“I am very hungry,” Daisy Healy says in the minute-long video, “and I was thirsty and all like. Daddy keeps taking photos and it’s very mad.”

Mr. Healy posted the video first to an Instagram account where it quickly gained attention from many viewers. Alan was convinced by the suggestions of a few users on the website to start a new YouTube channel dedicated to Daisy’s hilarious conversations and other antics. He titled it ‘Crazy Daisy,’ which is quite fitting.

The hilarious conversation video is close to breaking 200,000 views. After watching the video, it’s easy to see why she’s become so popular.

Alan Healy plans to record more videos of his daughter’s hilarious behavior and assures that none of it is scripted. “She actually hates when I take out the phone to record a video of her, so none of the videos have ever been staged.”

If you’re a fan after watching her hotel conversation, you can catch more of her on her YouTube channel, Crazy Daisy.

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