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Why Tom Holland Shaved His Head Explained

23-year-old British actor Tom Holland is living his best life after Spiderman happened. Don’t know what I mean? Holland is the actor that plays the role of a young Peter Parker or Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He has appeared in Spiderman Homecoming, Captain America Civil War, Avengers Infinity War, and Endgame. These are but some of the roles the young actor has played which have catapulted Tom to stardom.

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Tom Holland Fast Facts

Born on June 1, 1996, the young spidey is the firstborn in his family.

He has three younger brothers, two of whom are twins.

He credits his father as the person who helped him stay grounded despite all the fame that has followed him.

Cutting His Hair

Now to the matter that sent the internet into a frenzy and literal meltdown, Tom’s brown locks. The young Peter Parker is known among many things, for his brown hair.

Take a second and imagine just how many fans this Marvel actor has, well into the millions we presume. Now imagine all that shock after the actor showed off his new shaven head. That kind of shock could cause an earthquake.

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Tom stepped out in his shaved head a month ago and fans could not deal. When you’re a star, somehow all you have is the property of the fans who give the most savage criticism after.

Holland was no exception as his fans flooded his social media to give their two cents.

In a video he posted on twitter as a favor to a fan where he was sending greetings, Tom showed off his fresh new cut.

In the video, Holland sent shout outs to someone named Sabrina, saying: “It’s Tom Holland here. I’ve just been hanging out with your dad for the afternoon and I thought I’d send you a video and say hello. I hope you’re all well.”

If you weren’t a fan, you would probably pass him on the sidewalk. This is because the look makes him look so different.

It makes his jawline and cheekbones pop. And let’s face it, we’re all used to spidey with a head full of hair.

Fans Reactions

The new-look caught his fans off-guard. Most of the die-hards and groupies obviously supported the talented actor and proclaimed to love him no matter what. But the trolls had a field day.

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It went as far as people comparing his shaved look to other celebrities who have shaved. This list includes the likes of Eminem, Charlie Puth, Justin Timberlake and Eleven from hit show ‘Stranger Things’.

Who would have thought cutting hair could go viral? Definitely not Tom Holland.

Why Tom Holland Cut His Hair

Since the look came out, he has had to defend his actions of cutting his brown locks on many interviews. Tom reassured his fans that the look is temporary.

He revealed that it is his character’s look in the upcoming movie he is acting in called ‘Cherry’.

The movie is about an Army medic suffering the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. The medic later becomes a serial bank robber after his addiction to drugs puts him in debt.

On top of the drastic hair change, Tom revealed that he has been on a strict diet in preparation for the role he described as ‘tough’.

Tom’s Reaction To Going Viral

After going viral, Tom Halland came out to profess his admiration for the new look. He revealed that he prefers it as it is easy to maintain.

Speaking about the haircut, he said, “I really like it. I don’t know about you, but I really, really like it. It’s so much easier to manage. A quick towel dry and you’re done. I have no mousse in here…nothing.”

The look has slowly but surely grown on most of his fans. His Spiderman fans have nothing to worry about as the hair will have grown back by the time the next Spiderman movie premieres in 2021. Something many people are looking forward to in great earnest.

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