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Top 6 Animals In Harry Potter That We Would Love To Face

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter sequel has been a sensation to many kids obsessed with the wizard fantasy and its magical creatures.

The book was later adapted into box office movies that have astoundingly won numerous awards.

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Harry Potter has brought adventure, laughter and formed some affection with most of the characters and the creatures.

Here are some of the fascinating creatures in the world of wizards within and outside Hogwarts.

Arctic Owl

Some call it the Snowy Owl. Hedwig was Harry Potter’s beloved pet. She was gifted to Harry by Rubeus Hagrid on his 11th birthday.

She remained to be his closest friend and companion until her death as she was shielding Harry during the wizard war in the battle of the seven Potters.

One fascinating fact about the Arctic owls is that while the females and their young ones are slightly spotted, the males are plainly white.

They have fixed eyes just as humans but for them to be aware of their environment, their heads can turn up to a 270-degree angle.

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Dogs (Fang And Fluffy)

In the movie, Fang was a Neapolitan Mastiff belonging to Rubeus Hagrid. Hagrid describes him as a “real coward” when Draco Malfoy insists that they are accompanied by the dog as they served detention with Harry.

Hagrid rushed to save his loyal pet when the death eaters set fire to his cabin. It showed how he really loved his dog.

Fluffy was a fierce three-headed dog, tasked by Professor Dumbledore to protect the Philosopher’s stone.

According to the book, Fluffy was bought by Hagrid from his Greek friend.

Fun fact about Fluffy: he used to sleep at any tune of music that was played which was his weakest point. Each head had a different personality from the others.


If you are afraid of little spiders, better brace yourself for this one. Aragog was a giant spider who lived in the forbidden forest. He was also owned by Hagrid but he was badly raised.

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Aragog was very intelligent to the extent of formulating a speech just like a human would. He was a father to 100 children and fed on humans who went to the forbidden forest.

Harry and Ron got trapped in his web and were to eat them and feed his children.

Snakes (Nagini and Basilisk)

Nagini the snake belonged to Lord Voldemort, who is the Lord of Darkness and most would refer to his as the one whose name was never mentioned.

She would warn Voldemort of any incoming danger even if they were a distance apart. This was done through the language of “Parseltongue”.

She was a green snake whose length went up to 3 meters. Nagini was not venomous but would leave an open wound that would not heal if attacked.

Fun fact: Nagini was inspired by the Hindu word Naga which is a Hindu immortal mythological creature that took the form of a serpent.

Basilisk is a giant snake with a length of up to 15 meters. He is one of the most feared and dangerous creatures known to the wizarding world. He is highly venomous and can petrify someone if the eyes are locked.


The Phoenix was adapted from the ancient Greek bird that was mythicized as one that could regenerate itself back to life even when burnt to ashes. It was likened to the sun.

Fawkes Albus was a Phoenix that belonged to Professor Dumbledore.

Fawkes makes an appearance in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which also inspired a resistance group, The Order of The Phoenix.

Their tears have a potent healing capability. Its feathers were used to make two wands that chose Harry Potter and the Lord of Darkness, Lord Voldemort.

Fawkes disappeared when Professor Dumbledore died.

Half Horse, Half Eagle (Buckbeak)

Buckbeak is what many would refer to as a Griffin, a hybrid of a horse and an eagle. It looks like a winged horse with the head of an eagle. Buckbeak belonged to Hagrid.

He was about to be sentenced until Harry and Hermione Granger rescued him together with the time turner. He returned the favor to Harry when he defended him against the Dark Lord.

Apart from animals, there were also various creatures that were featured in the big sequel. Some of them were; Dobby the house-elf, Thestral a peculiar winged looking horse, Dementors which fed on people’s happiness, Merperson which was horrid looking mermaids that would drag their prey deep down to the depths of the sea, goblins, and pixies.

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