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Tornado Shelter Supplies Checklist: What To Take With You

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When disaster strikes, there is usually mayhem and fear all over! It is very hard to remember to get what you need when your survival instincts kick in.

Tornado’s, in particular, are brutal and it is important to pack what you need before it rolls around.

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Even before packing, it is important to construct a tornado shelter where you and your family can be safe from the tornado. You have to ensure that the tornado shelter in almost indestructible in order to weather the storms.

Many people build underground shelters in their basements. For some, the safe house is tucked inside the main house one floor above.

Once you have a shelter, here are the supplies guaranteed to keep you and your family safe from mother nature’s turbulence.


Food is the number one thing that anyone should pack in their supplies. Food is life.

When a tornado hits, it is hard to say how long it will last. It is therefore important to pack a lot of food which is non-perishable. Buy lots of canned food like canned fruits, canned meat, and chicken, vegetables, disposable utensils including plastic cups and plates.

It is also important to pack according to the unique needs of your family.

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If you have a toddler or a breastfeeding baby, it is essential to pack baby formula as well.

On top of food, ensure that there is an adequate supply of water. Do not depend on piped water as this might possibly be cut off during a tornado.

First Aid Kit

During a tornado, property gets destroyed. In the process of running to take cover in the shelter, it is not uncommon for accidents to happen. This is especially because most shelters are a little distance away from the house.

While moving to it, many things can happen to injure you including falling down and getting bruised. It is therefore important to ensure that a First aid kit is packed in the shelter supply kit.

Some essentials that should be in the kit include bandaids, cotton wool, a thermometer, over the counter pain relievers, bandages, non-latex gloves as well as all prescription medication for family members.

If anyone in the family has asthma, for example, there should always be an inhaler packed and ready for anything.


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Because it is difficult to know exactly how long the next storm or tornado will last, it is important to pack extra sets of clothes for the whole family.

You also don’t know what the conditions will be during and after the tornado so it is essential to pack warm clothes including jackets, gloves, and hats. You should also pack heavy boots and shoes.

Many people forget to carry helmets but they are good at protecting members of your family from the falling debris that might occur.

Sanitation Supplies

Hygiene products are essential for the crumped stay in the tornado shelter. Some of the essentials to pack include toilet paper rolls, hand sanitizers, and trash bags.

If you have a baby you should always remember to carry their diapers and wipes otherwise your stay in the shelter will be very uncomfortable.


Flashlights are an essential tornado shelter supply that people remember when it’s too late. During tornado’s, power is likely to go off in the shelter. It is therefore essential to have packed a dozen powerful flashlights and extra sets of batteries to avoid staying in the dark.

Let’s be honest, no one likes staying in the dark.

Personal Documents

Personal documents are important documents that you will need even after the tornado. While you can store them online, it’s important to keep them safe as well.

Ensure they are not destroyed in the storm by packing them in the supplies. These documents include birth certificates, title deeds, insurance and banking documents among any other important financial documents.

Since these are important, you can store them in a file that is ready to go when a tornado strikes. Just try not to forget it in the rush.

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