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7 Most Common Traits Of Truly Talented People

We all have all, at one time or another, saw a genius idea and thought to ourselves, “Why didn’t I come up with that?” What is it these people possess that makes them so effortlessly talented? From our perspective, it might seem effortless, but there are important qualities that the most talented of us share.
Here are a few things that the most talented of us humans have in common:

1. They Find Security in Themselves

“Non-productive people seek security external,” states Benjamin Hardy, psychologist Ph.D. student, in Medium. “They seek security in a paycheck, or in friends, or in perceived success.” Hardy adds, “Rather than experiencing security, in reality, they are the slaves to these things. They will do anything to have these things. They are not free.”

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The more productive crowd “know that security can only really be experienced internally. They know who they are. So they don’t worry about all these traps that sabotage and slow the masses. They fully accept and understand themselves – and that’s good enough for them. No external standard of success will ever compare to their own self-awareness and acceptance.”

2. They Possess Grace

“Grace is that dignified elegance about a person’s appearance, movement, personal style or behavior.” Psychologist Sherrie Campbell wrote in Entrepreneur. “To be graceful is to be strong and assured in who one is and to move gently within that energy.”

“Exceptional people live with a sense of inner elegance and are graceful even amidst a challenge.” Campbell adds. “They are able to handle themselves in a noble and ethical manner. They hold a good posture, their energy has a mystery, softness, strength, and cleverness to it. They are vulnerable yet self-assured.”

3. They Seek out New Experiences and Challenges

Research has shown that novelty-seeking can be very beneficial in some respects, despite its association with gambling, alcoholism, and compulsive spending.
“Novelty-seeking is one of the traits that keeps you healthy and happy and fosters personality growth as you age,” states Dr. Robert Cloninger, “if you combine this adventurousness and curiosity with persistence and a sense that it’s not all about you, then you get the kind of creativity that benefits society as a whole.”

Talented individuals often seek out challenges in order to grow and learn. Exceptional people will jump at the opportunity to challenge themselves, despite the learning curve that may discourage others far sooner.

4. They Pay Their Dues

The most talented people got where they are through perseverance and hard work. Despite the natural talent a person has, they still have to start out small. For example, Queen and The Rolling Stones did not hit their pinnacle at the beginning. They spent years learning and practicing to reach what is considered “performance level.”

Even Yo-Yo Ma had to work hard to stay in the Juilliard School, but he paid his dues along the way to achieve the success we see.

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5. They Have Intellectual Firepower

Intellectual Firepower, according to Bradley Agnew, CEO of Agnew Consulting Group, is ‘creating your body of work.’ By “creating a vast body of provocative thought leadership and intellectual property, and showcasing your expertise through a repository for your body of work, you’ll be able to attract clients and employers without waiting for an opportunity to go to them.”

Your body of work or ‘output’ “is an assembly of your intellectual capital, and that can come in a diverse range of formats such as video, presentations, white papers, live work, and articles, it’s a presentation of your intellectual capital – provocative content and thought leadership sharing experience that is uniquely yours.”

6. They Have a Strong Sense of Humor

Annemarie Roeper states in “Gifted Adults: Their Characteristics and Emotions,” that gifted adults “have a sense of humor which differs from others and consists often of subtle jokes, intricate teasing or puns. Gifted people often find that their jokes are received with silence because they are not understood.”

Most gifted adults are happy with understanding and enjoying their own jokes, even if they go over the heads of others.

7. They Know How to Express Themselves

Creative and talented individuals are very eloquent “and willing to share what they feel and think, to be themselves.” wrote Dean Rieck in Copyblogger. “People are emotional creatures and respond better to people who appear real, honest, and open.”

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