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Different Ways Traveling Shapes Us

Traveling is a great deal of fun, whether you are crossing the ocean to visit other countries or simply visiting a city two counties over. No one really thinks about travel further than where they are going and if they’ll have a good time when they get there. We never consider what the traveling might be doing for us.
People may not consciously be aware, but there are a number of ways in which traveling can affect our personality. Here are a few ways that traveling scientifically changes one’s personality:

1. You Start to Look at Life from Entirely Different Vantage Points

Traveling is one of the few things that allows a person to appreciate what they have. It also helps put things into perspective for those who are the most mindful in their travels. Depending on the country you visit, some things might be put into perspective.

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Our everyday lives often involve brushing our teeth and riding elevators to a room we need to be in. What we brush off as just a ‘part of our lives’ is an expensive luxury in other places.

2. The Idea of Being Spontaneous No Longer Freaks You Out

Yes, traveling is a wonderful way for someone to have things put into perspective. The more of it you do, the better prepared you are for the surprises that life may throw your direction.

Realizing that some things simply happen helps one better gain control of how to calmly react to a situation. The most seasoned traveler will let no obstacle stand in their way of enjoying the journey to their destination.

3. You’re Completely Removed (and Freed) From Your Comfort Zone

Many people have what’s called a “comfort zone” for many things. When it comes to travel, that ‘comfort zone’ is typically a specific radius that people may not travel out of. Getting out of your comfort zone will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the culture of your destination country.

There’s nothing like taking in the traditions and song of a culture you may not be familiar with.

4. You’re More Open to Meeting and Making Friends with New People

As an adult, it is hard for most people to make friends with each other. Traveling, much like breaking out of a comfort zone, can help a person break out of their socially awkward shell.

Scientists who examines two sets of German college students to find the data said “the more that these travelers engaged with new people from different countries, the more that promoted goals related openness.”

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You also learn to look at life from another angle.

5. You Learn That There’s a Huge Difference Between Facebook Friends and Real Friends

Don’t rely on the likes your posts receive to signify that people maintain contact with you.

When you are traveling you tend to stick to a schedule that prevents you from making many contacts with people back home. During the course of your travels, you may even make new friends with people living on other continents.

6. Your Creative Juices are on Overdrive

Traveling is probably one of the best ways to get one’s creative juices flowing. With each culture possessing its own practices and fantastic stories, your journey can be a gold mine.

Learning to change one’s prejudice is said to be a sign of creativity.

A study published in the Personality and Sociology Bulletin states “living in another culture and learning the practices of that culture may enhance psychological processes that make people more creative.”

7. You Don’t Get Tied Up in The Little Things That Used to Break You Down

Everyone has that one thing that pushes their ‘hot button.’ The smallest of events or mistakes can have a major effect on your mood. Traveling helps many people cope and work past their issues and breaking down over small things.

You can now react much better to situations where ‘particular pet peeves’ may occur more often than you expect.

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8. The Chances of Falling in Love Increase

Unburden yourself with that trip you’ve been dying to take. On your travels, there is little responsibility save for your bags and current attire. When you are relaxed and life is a little brighter, taking a literal hike with that cute guy or girl might just be the start of your lives together.

You won’t know if you don’t give it a try.

9. You’re More Stable Emotionally

The routine tasks of daily life can be thrown askew at the slightest change, possibly triggering a small emotional outburst. When you are traveling, there is little time to think about the annoyance that leaves you feeling less than great.

The perspective travel gives you the tools to better cope with small emotional events.

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