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The Largest Underwater Restaurant Will Open To The Public In 2019

These days it’s not hard to find a good restaurant. Finding any with a special theme like Ninja New York or Ellen’s Stardust Diner. There is another theme that most people would never think about and would likely struggle to visit. That theme is ‘under the sea’, essentially.

No, not like The Little Mermaid, but literally under the sea. After work was completed on the outside of the structure in July 2018, Under, located in Norway, was moved to its permanent home to be finished.

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“When the client came to us, they had already done some sketches on another site close to current one, but we convinced them to build a few hundred meters away, where the sea is actually rougher. We thought this would better capture the nature of the area and I think that’s also what makes this more spectacular compared to other underwater restaurants in the world, as they are in very controlled areas,” said Rune Grasdal, a senior architect at Snohetta, the firm contracted to build the restaurant.

Under is a total of 110 feet in length, the restaurant was built to withstand harsh weather conditions. The concrete walls are 1.6 feet thick, with the acrylic windows being 1 foot thick themselves. The lowest point of the unique dining location lies 16 feet below sea level.

At first, construction was going on with aesthetic more than function in mind, but realizing the danger, the company sacrificed the restaurant’s looks to ensure everyone’s safety. With the wonderful view of the sea provided through the windows, there doesn’t need to be anything fancy about the place.

There aren’t any details yet about what Under will be serving to its guests, but it will probably be as unique as the restaurant.

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Would you dare step foot into an underwater restaurant to eat?

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