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Facebook Introduces Unsend Option That Will Let You Remove Embarrassing Messages You Send

Social media is a tough thing to navigate for a lot of people. Even when you attempt to be the nicest person possible when replying, you don’t always get a good response. We’ve all lost control a time or two when we sent someone a message on Facebook, to a friend or stranger.

Even when you tried to stay calm and collected, you found it impossible not to send a rant to someone at least once, maybe even in Messenger. In the moment, you felt superhuman, the adrenaline rush blinding you to the gravity of what you had just done.

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You sit back and think, “What the hell did I just do?! I didn’t want to send that!” Most would end up just sitting there, dreading the response for a message the regretted. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pretend like something like that never happened, even after sending some profanity-laced comments to a boss or fellow employee?

Many applications already have a feature that allows people to take back rants they made on a drunk Friday night.

Facebook is finally catching up with everyone else and adding ‘Unsend’ to their popular messaging app, used by over 800 million people to communicate.

Source: Facebook

“Users want to be in control… and if you make a mistake, you can correct it.” Said Facebook’s Stan Chudnovsky of the new feature.

There is also still some worry about how it could affect the social climate of the site.

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“We need to make sure we don’t open up any new venues for bullying. We need to make sure people aren’t sending you bad messages and then removing them because if you report them and the messages aren’t there, we can’t do anything.”

Facebook will be giving a time limit of 10 minutes before a message is locked into the conversation. The person it was sent to will see a gravestone instead of the message, which is a little morbid.

The social media company is still testing the feature in Lithuania, Poland, Bolivia, and Columbia, but it will soon be available everywhere Facebook can be accessed.

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