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This Upside-Down House In Moscow Makes Its Visitors Lose Their Sense Of Reality

Designing homes is more difficult than people imagine. Many things factor into it, such as the direction of the sun in the morning, proximity to stores and/or schools, and the city you’ll be building in. There also the number of rooms and the height of the structure to consider. But what if you wanted it upside down?

Walking upside down through a house seems impossible. Unless you’re Harry Potter or a gecko, there’s really no realistic way to place your feet on the ceiling and stroll throughout a residence.

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A house in Russia is giving people the chance to experience what can be labeled a ‘mind-bending’ experience. Located in Moscow, the Upside Down House is a tourist attraction in the All-Russian Exhibition Center.

The house was built with its roof as the base of the house, making it stand out among the other building located nearby. Shifted House, as its name roughly translates, is designed to appear like a European cottage.

There are beds nails firmly to the surface you would normally walk on. When you walk into the kitchen, everything on the table and even the contents of the fridge are completely upside down.

One visitor to Shifted House stated:
“When you step inside, you begin to lose your sense of reality. You begin to feel you’re in some sort of fantasy world.”

Shifted House was built as a statement against a utopian communist world, its arrangement suggesting that such a world is a skewed picture of reality.

While it is the first European-style cottage to be built upside down, it is not the first to be constructed this way. In the United States, visitors can visit the flipped miniature version of the White House. There is also a restaurant located in Kiev that is built with its roof to the ground.

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Do you think you can maintain a sense of reality walking through the Shifted House?

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