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These Are The Top Musical Capital Cities Of The U.S.

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In the United States, there are dozens of places where one can become literally lost in the music. A hotbed for the creation of new genres and play styles, each state has its own claim to fame when it comes to the music industry in general. But have you ever wondered which cities are the best to visit for the music? Here’s a list of places you can travel to for a fantastic musical journey:

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

For anyone that doesn’t know, Mardi Gras is held every year in the southern city of New Orleans. Even if you aren’t into the genre, anyone listening to music should already know the city as the place where jazz got its start. That’s especially important, considering how many other genres it helped create.

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You can get into the culture and music of the south with the New Orleans Jazz Fest, held from the end of April to the beginning of May. And it is just jazz, but gospel, blues, rock, and Zydeco music can be heard as you watch the bands play.

The festival goes on for 10 days, taking up at least two weekends. If you happen to be in The Big Easy when the festival isn’t on, you can check out one of the clubs or stop to listen to a street musician.

2. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is popular is a popular city for music, with venues catering to nearly every taste imaginable. The rise of “Chicago Blues” took place in the decades following the end of World War II. It was actually African-American southern industrial workers that brought the sound with them after moving north. Using electric instruments during their sets allowed the sound of their music to be well-rounded.

If you are a fan of blues, then names like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and Buddy Guy should be quite familiar to you.

3. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is another major hot spot for the blues genre. You’ll find a whole host of venues on Beale Street, a famous street lined with the best places to catch live music.

The city is also the same place where world-famous Elvis Presley recorded “That’s Alright (Mama),” the very first song he recorded in a studio.

No matter how famous he got, Presley stuck to his Memphis roots. He was so loyal to the city, he built Graceland, a former home now turned Elvis Presley museum.

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4. Nashville, Tennessee

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to those that hear Nashville referred to as “Music City USA.” No matter where you go in the South, this is the promised land for country and western music.

The Grand Ole Opry at Ryman Auditorium, a historic venue, gives people the opportunity to attend a live recording. There is still plenty of country flare in the city, with music museums, songwriters clubs, and their own ‘Music’ Walk of Fame.

5. Austin, Texas

If you’ve ever looked to attend or have attended, then you know that the South by Southwest music festival is held here every year. In addition to SXSW, Austin is home to the University of Texas, the largest public university currently open in the United States.

There isn’t one particular genre that you can say came from here, but they’ve dished out plenty of well-respected and replayed indie and rock music.

Artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Janis Joplin, Joe Ely, and Spoon have all made their mark on Austin’s musical landscape.

6. Seattle, Washington

Home to the late legend Jimi Hendrix, it was always a great place to discover new music. But it took grunge in the 1990s for the city to finally get its time in the limelight for music contributions.

Bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Nirvana helped bring Seattle and its music scene to the world stage.

The Experience Music Project or Museum of Pop Culture is a great place to visit for anyone of a musical mind.

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7. Detroit, Michigan

This is the home of the music label known as Motown. It is also the birthplace for the music of the same name. It was that same label that produced records for artists like The Temptations, The Four Tops, The Supremes, Smoky Robinson, and the Miracles.

8. Miami, Florida

With a high concentration of Latin American and Caribbean peoples, it was inevitable that a music club would pop up with the name Little Havana (Calle Ocho is the original name).

Latin Jazz is popular here thanks to Latin artist Gloria Estefan, who is a resident of the city.

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