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Most Beautiful Springtime Destinations In The U.S.

Springtime in America is a momentous time of the year for the country’s flower blooms. There is so much color dotting the entire continent that it can multiple colors can be seen from space. While such a thing is quite amazing, seeing the colors up close is even better.

Have you ever wanted to tour a couple of places and look at the beautiful blooming flowers? If that sounds like something you can get into, here are the country’s most beautiful places to visit during the spring:

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1. Washington, D.C.

Known the world over as the capital of the United States, the city is known just as far and wide for the beauty it possesses in the spring. During the springtime, between mid-April and early May, the city is blanketed in pink petals from the local Cherry Blossom trees.

It should come as no surprise, of course, that these trees are not native to the city. They were given to the United States by Japan in 1909 as a token of appreciation for negotiating a peace deal on their behalf.

2. Holland, Michigan

If you happen to live in Michigan, take a drive or short flight over near Holland to take in the tulip blooms. Every year for nearly 100 years now, the Tulip Time Festival has been held from May 4th to May 12th.

Back in 2016, USA Today named it 2016 Best Flower Festival. The festival also happens to have three parades celebrating the Dutch heritage of the people of Holland, Michigan.

This year you can participate in the festival’s 90th-anniversary celebrations which include Dutch dancing, Dutch and Artisan markets, and some fireworks to top it all off.

3. The Grand Canyon

Located in the deserts of the state of Arizona, it is known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It is also home to plants and flowers that have adapted to the canyon walls that can be cast in shadows for hours.

Many flora such as primrose, Indian paintbrush, and Rocky Mountain iris grow in abundance among the cliffs and the banks of the Colorado River.
The cacti located here are known for the varying flower colors of yellow, red, purple, and white.

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Marketing director Bruce Brossman said of springtime Grand Canyon, “If you have a good eye and a good camera, your pictures will enhance your memory of these extraordinary flowers.”

4. Savannah, Georgia

The state of Georgia is known well for its peaches. They are also known for their wonderfully vibrant springtime celebrations. In the city of Savannah, however, they are known for more than their fruit.

The city is home to the Coastal Georgia Botanical Garden and Savannah Botanical Garden.

You can visit the bamboo groves of the Coastal Georgia Botanical Garden, planted by USDA explorers circa 1945. All-age educational classes are offered year-round by the staff.

Looking for a colorful place to have your wedding? Head over to the Savannah Botanical Garden. Established in the 1980s through volunteer effort, the garden features formal arrangements and some more natural. It also has a two-acre pond, amphitheater and nature trails.

Head here anywhere from late February to early March, as the bloom varies year to year.

5. Ennis, Texas

Dubbed the “Official Bluebonnet City of Texas, Ennis is home to one of the lone star state’s 5 best flower festivals. The city’s Bluebonnet Trails festival is held from April 7th through the 9th. Take in the live music, buy from a variety of vendors, and purchase a wine-tasting package.

The Texa Bluebonnet Trail is available for a self-guided tour of the blooms that expand more than 40 miles.

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6. Charleston, South Carolina

In the city of Charleston, visitors come for the blooms of Azalea, Wisteria, and Jasmine. Some say that the best time to visit for the Azaleas is as the very beginning of April. If the Jasmine flower is more your style, later in April is the best time to view them.

During this year’s 72nd annual Festival of Homes and Gardens, tourists are given the privilege of touring private gardens blooming with color.

7. Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

Chena is a resort unsurprisingly dotted with hot springs. The resort is located 50 miles north of Fairbanks and is an excellent place to relieve the tense muscles brought on by the cold.

As you bask in the rejuvenating water, look skyward during the night and take in the rare sight of the northern lights.

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