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Usain Bolt Proves To Be Unbeatable Even In Zero Gravity

The Olympics are an international sports competition that hundreds of athletes from different countries participate in. It takes years of training for a person to be considered ‘Olympic-level’ good in any sport. When you train your whole life to do that one thing, getting back to a regular life after retirement becomes difficult.

After retiring from Olympic participation, many athletes might take up jobs to train the next generation of Olympians. Others might want to be a personal trainer to celebrities, or simply open up a community center where they live.

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When you’ve already won a couple of competitions and attained some of the highest athletic honors possible, what is there left to do? It isn’t common, but many people retire because the sport doesn’t bring them the joy that it used.

For Olympic medalist Usain Bolt, he may have retired from competitive running, but that does not mean the competitive spirit has left him.
Bolt is known for his crazy fast speed on the ground. Having already won 8 gold medals, it was a mystery where he would decide to race next.

The Kenyan native was given the opportunity of a lifetime when he got to race astronaut Jean-Francois Clearvoy in an Airbus Zero-G plane.
Despite the lack of gravity, the race was very close. Usain Bolt managed to come out with the win against Clearvoy. Whether he’s on land or in zero-g, Bolt seems to have incredible speed.

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As there is currently no technology to negate the Earth’s gravity even on a small scale, the Zero-G plane is flown in a certain pattern to simulate the existence of weightlessness within Earth’s atmosphere.

G.H. Mumm, apparently a champagne meant for drinking in space, sponsored the little event.

Hm… alcohol you can drink in space? That sounds like it might end badly.

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