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Venom Movie Quotes That You Might Have Missed

Marvel brings a superhero movie about its villain – Venom. Superhero movie directed by Ruben Fleischer brings a fresh look on the character that we all are supposed to hate, but we actually love. Basically, this is a movie about everyone’s favorite villain.

This 2018 movie version is centered on Eddie Brock/Venom (Tom Hardy), who is the human host of an alien symbiote that gives him a taste of incredible powers.

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After all, it is a superhero movie so no wonder that we see Eddie using his newfound powers to protect the world. And with great powers comes great responsibility, no?

One thing that everyone will agree upon is the fact that Tom Hardy gave its best. This actor is known for going all-in for a role, emotionally and physically. He has shown once again why so many consider of him as our generation’s Brando. Hardy used the same intensity that he uses for each role, for this anti-hero origin story, ‘Venom’.

The world has enough superheroes and this movie stands for that.

You will love the action and above all the attitude that Venom brings in. Dialogue is witty and non-expected, and Hardy adds up with his impressions.

This movie version gives a rather unexpected side of Venom and explains how this alien actually co-exists. Furthermore, it explains why Eddie is such a perfect host for him. Their symbiote is a weird start of a great friendship and adventure. It seems like Eddie found a way to live with his venom, without being overcome in his own madness.

Overall, the movie is fast, occasionally messy with interesting twists. It’s not like any other action film.

Even the movie romance is not like any other so so-called romance. The biggers romance in this movie is between alien and host, in terms of understanding and accepting each other.

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Venom will become a villain eventually, and that’s probably the main reason why we care about him so much, now. At least, with Hardy, this Venom is – if nothing else, intriguing.

All things considered, this movie is a nice overlook to life. It shows how everyone has its own venom. After all, we all have our own problems, our own issues, and our own demons. Check out the 5 most powerful Venom quotes.

Venom Movie Quotes

1. ‘That power, it’s not completely awful.’, Eddie

2. ‘The way I see it, WE can do whatever WE want. Do we have a deal?’, Venom

3. ‘We are Venom.’, Venom

4. ‘You’re not even here, are you? I’m just seeing things. It’s not real. You’re in my head because you’re just a parasite.’, Eddie

5. ‘Giant leaps will always come at a cost.’, Dr. Drake

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