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How Virtual Reality App Made Vaccination Fun For Kids


Virtual reality is no longer a futuristic feature as we used to think. People all over the globe are enjoying VR video games, but where could this invention be used outside of the gaming world?

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The truth is that by combining video games and other fields we can have a perfect solution to some of the obstacles we’re experiencing. A great example is the application of Virtual reality in pediatric clinics.

For a lot of kids, getting a vaccine is a scary, painful event. They would do everything to prevent it: cry, shriek, run away, and to be honest, that makes vaccination even more stressful.

Even if the vaccination itself ends even before it started, it still represents one of the main problem parents face while taking their kids to the doctor.

To make this “medical” virtual game work, clinics need one VR Gear, two smartphones, one for the child and one for the nurse, and the VR vaccine app. What children experience in the virtual world is followed step by step by the nurse who follows the story on the second screen.

The benefit of this distraction method is that it facilitates both calming and entertaining the kid while helping the nurses to better perform the vaccination. All kids that have tried VR Vaccination have enjoyed the experience and actually didn’t bother that little sting that used to make them panic.

The nurses are more than satisfied with the results of this innovation. They witness how Virtual Reality transforms moments of pain into moments of entertainment.

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This method could find various applications in medicine. From helping children to have vaccinations to assisting patients in handling their needle phobia.

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