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Ways To Wake Up Without Caffeine

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In most places now the common way to wake up is with a cup of coffee or a heavy dose of caffeine. Over time, too much caffeine can have adverse effects on your health you may not consider. It might be best to go for something that doesn’t leave you agitated after it wears off.

Here are a couple of ways to rid yourself of drowsiness without lots of caffeine:

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1. Peppermint

Often used as a flavoring for breath mints, it is a good way to perk up on a drowsy morning. Studies have already found that it makes people more alert, so having something like peppermint tea or brushing in the morning with peppermint-flavored toothpaste is a great way to start the day.

2. A Soothing Massage

This is something you can do while sitting at the desk in your room or the kitchen table. When you massage your temples and wrists, you are slowly waking yourself up. This is likely thanks to the blood vessels that pass through these areas. Massaging these spots help promote blood flow, leading to one’s alertness.

Stimulate both these areas in addition to the webbing between your thumb and forefinger until you feel that the sandman has finally gone for the day.

3. Drink a Glass of OJ

Coffee is such a widely ingested beverage that many fast food places promote deals every now and then. But a better alternative may be a nice, cold glass of orange juice.

There is a slight trick to using this method. Color psychologists suggest that drinking from a clear glass will allow the color of the juice to increase energy and stimulate both your concentration and focus.

With the naturally high sugars in the juice and the color combined, it’ll be akin to slamming a small energy drink (minus the funny taste).

4. Sleep with The Blinds Open

There’s nothing worse than being woken up when you don’t want to. Depending on your elevation and where you live, leaving the blinds of your windows open can be a great way to wake up without coffee.

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Melatonin, the hormone most responsible for inducing sleep, is suppressed by light, making it easier for your body to ‘charge up’ when the light hits it. With the light slowly trickling in, you can avoid the obnoxious alarm and enjoy a nice relaxing wake-up.

I can attest to this working, having lived for numerous years exactly where most of the sunlight would trickle in as the sun rose.

5. Fortified Coconut Water

Coconut water might seem a little odd, but the potassium content is enough for your body to convert carbs into fuel for a quick energy boost. Not only that, but coconut water is also great for nursing that hangover caused by last night’s bar crawl.

6. Put a Playlist Together

Everyone has a collection of songs that just seems to energize them and get them moving. If you can, put together a list of artists and their track that do exactly that for you. After your alarm goes off and you’re getting ready, hit play on your ‘wake up’ playlist and enjoy the motivation it provides.

7. Stretch

Not a lot of people do it, but stretching after getting out of bed is another great way to wake up in the morning. As little as 5 minutes of stretching during your morning routine can help increase your blood flow, leading to a better sense of alertness.

If you are into yoga, dedicate part of your morning to a small session each day.

8. Get Going

Exercise is another method used by many people as a wake-up aid. It is definitely not something everyone is into, but as little as 7 minutes during the morning routine can help get your gears going.

To save yourself some time, head to bed in gym shorts and a tank top so you’re ready as soon as the sun peaks through the blinds. You can finish up your post-workout with a nice clear glass of orange juice.

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9. Meditate

Those familiar with meditation know the concentration it requires. Spending a few moments of your morning, possibly with guided meditation from Headspace, is a good way to calm your mind and prepare you for the day’s coming events.

How do you wake up without caffeine? Which method have you found worked the best for your routine?

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