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Amazing Facts That You Should Know About Famous Walt Disney

American film producer, entrepreneur, animator and voice actor Walt Disney was born in Chicago in 1901.

He is the brains behind today’s media giant Disney which has an estimated net worth of $130 billion. His idea for Disney land came to him on a park bench. He dreamt of an amusement park where both children and adults could enjoy themselves.

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We have Disney world where he initially wanted to build a ski resort. 

In the earlier days, Disney held the patent for Technicolor for two years, making him the only animator allowed to make color animated films! Here are some interesting things you should know about Disney.

He Grew Up In A Farm

Walt Disney was born in Chicago as the fourth born of five children. In the small town of Marceline, Missouri, he developed his interest in drawing.

His parents were forced to move to Kansas in 1910 and sell their farm due to financial constraints. There, he worked as a delivery boy for his father’s paper route for six years.

He Dropped Out Of High School

Walt Disney dropped out of high school at sixteen years old. While he wasn’t an attentive student, he was an avid drawer and drew often.

He joined the Red Cross after dropping out Ambulance Corps, wanting to do his part in World War I. He went with his gut and it paid off. He has received more Academy Awards and nominations than any other person in history.

His Wife Named Mickey Mouse

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Mickey Mouse was Disney’s first highly popular success. Walt developed the character Mickey Mouse in 1928 but named him Mortimer Mouse. Disney was the original voice of Mickey Mouse.

From the birth of Mickey Mouse in 1928 until 1947, Disney himself did the voice of Mickey. He never drew Mickey in any of his theatrical releases, and in fact, probably only really drew Mickey when autograph seekers requested it.

Disney has a star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, along with Mickey Mouse, who was the first animated character to receive one.

He Forged His Birth Certificate

Disney forged his birth certificate to read an older age so that he would be legible to provide service in World War I. He wanted to reach the minimum age requirement of 17.

He joined the Red Cross Ambulance Corps and got deployed after the war ended in late 1918. Disney spent his time driving Red Cross officials and doing other tasks before being discharged in 1919.

Disney Films And Absentee Mothers

From Pinocchio to The Jungle Book, one thing that peculiarly stands out in many Disney films is their absentee mothers. 

It is believed that this trend stems from Disney’s guilt and anguish over his own mother’s death. His mother died from carbon monoxide poisoning which was the result of a broken heating system.

After the success of Snow White, Disney purchased a new home for his parents.

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Disney’s Final Words

On his deathbed, he wrote the name “Kurt Russell” on a piece of paper which has remained a mystery since his death. Kurt was a child actor at the time of Disney’s death, having just recently signed on with Disney studios. 

Even Kurt Russell himself is perplexed regarding the meaning.

Cryogenic Freezing

For a long time, the sudden death of Disney had many considering that he had cryogenically preserved. This means that he’d been frozen with the hope that science might one day make it possible for him to be brought back to life.

Disney had not, despite the persistent rumours.

He died in November 1966, was cremated, and his ashes were buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

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