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Berkeley Scientists Discovered A Way to Make Water Out Of Thin Air Even In Deserts

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Source: Youtube/ UC Berkeley

Water is a precious resource on our planet. The places where we can draw freshwater from are dwindling and the desalinization of ocean water is almost too expensive to be worth it. Thus the dilemma: how do we make certain that we can provide ourselves with an adequate supply of drinking water?

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According to recent studies conducted at the University of California, Berkley, there may be a way to solve this particular resource problem that affects humanity as a whole. The device developed can literally pull water from thin air. The best part, you can drink it as if it were filtered water from a pitcher.

To the everyday person, the device is a very expensive sponge that draws and collects moisture from out of the air. The structure of the device is far more complicated than it sounds.

The “sponge” part of the device is made up of metal-organic molecules. This metal-organic framework traps moisture in pockets of air within the molecules, drawing said moisture from the air.

With the humidity being higher at night, that will be when the device works best.

The morning sun evaporates water like the fire under a stove of boiling water. Because there is a smaller box within the device, the vapor is trapped and then drips into a special collection area. As revolutionary as the technology is, the cost to amount of water produced may be too large a gap.

In a desert near Scottsdale, Arizona, the team that created the device tested it in an area with a high night humidity of 40 percent and a low day humidity of 8 percent. After the experiment was conducted, the measured amount of drinkable water was 7 ounces for a single day and night.

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Yeah, it might not be a lot, but as soon as you have the water, you can drink it. This 2 square foot device can help many people around the world if properly scaled.

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