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Proven Ways To Become More Attractive

Dating is a difficult stage to work through when it comes to romantic relationships. Even with the mountain of literature and videos out there that offer advice, we can spend hours trying to ‘score a date’ to no avail. What if it’s just a simple detail we’re ignoring that’s making us less attractive?

Here’s a list that isn’t just made up, but supported by research, of things that are proven to make you more attractive to others:

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1. Red – Wear it

Red is not just a bright color. It is often referred to as the color of love and passion. Valentine’s Day boxes and ribbons are produced in this color because of the emotions that it invokes.

The color is so powerful that simply wearing it will make you attractive to the other gender. And it won’t just get the attention of the person you are trying to get romantically involved with, but also the potential employer you might be trying to impress.

2. Chin Up, Champ

Anyone looking for a potential mate or romantic partner will say that confidence is a big part of what makes a person attractive. People who are very sure of themselves are individuals that you want to get to know.

Everyone like someone confident in themselves and their interests, so keeping that chin up will guarantee that someone looks your way with genuine interest. Not only will it help generate that aura of being so sure of yourself, but it will also make your face more appealing to those looking.

3. Smile

Teeth are a very important part of our body. We use them to bite, chew, and tear food so that we can swallow it with ease. They also help us speak and enunciate clearly. And maintaining a healthy smile is a surefire way to be more attractive.

If you have ever been told you have a great smile, do not hesitate to show it off. When you meet someone initially, your teeth are one of the first things that will leave an impression, so keep those ivories nice and shiny.

4. Get a Dog

First you’ll want to research what dog might be best for your home. Once you have that out of the way, you are free to go grab your new best friend and add him/her to the family.

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When you are out looking, do your best to find a shelter dog. It is a very kind gesture to the animal and the person you are romancing will find it so heartwarming that you were kind enough to adopt the furry thing.

You’re also three times more likely to get a person’s number with a dog by your side. It might be because dog owners give the impression that they are far more caring and nurturing than individuals who do not have a dog.

Remember that a well-trained canine can make the perfect wingman and make it easy to deliver that pick-up line you’ve been saving.

5. Less is More with Perfume/Cologne

Of course you need to smell good when you are trying to gain a romantic partner. The problem lies with how much we might put on when we are preparing to find or go out on a date.

When you are applying it, simply make one spritz in the air with your cologne/perfume and let it fall on you. Once is more than enough. With the potential for allergies, you don’t want to risk your excessive scent triggering someone’s asthma.

If the person is really attracted to you, it might actually be hard for them to smell the artificial stuff over your natural scent.

6. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Eating healthy is important to make sure your body stays in ideal shape. But the things you eat also affect the way you look as well.

When you increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, you will see changes like stronger/brighter hair, glowing skin, and an increased dose of vitamins.

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7. Wear Sunglasses

Eyes are often referred to as “windows to the soul.” If that is true, then wearing sunglasses will give the wearer an air of mystery about them. Some of us might like a little mystery in a mate. A pair of sunglasses may also help balance out the symmetry of your face.

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