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9 Ways To Cheer Someone Up

Have you ever noticed that doing certain things make you happier than others? With an array of chemicals often responsible for our changes in mood, it’s no surprise that certain activities get more of a response. These are the hormones that we are all privileged to produce: serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, endorphin, endocannabinoid, and GABA.

Because people are so different, some may not see a change in mood regardless of another’s enthusiasm. Here are a few various ways that are sure to pick up even those in the sourest of moods:

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1. Listen

When it comes to life’s overwhelming occurrences, we all appreciate a person lending their ear. Giving someone the opportunity to vent their frustrations may even lead to finding a solution. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the answer to their problem, just that you listening may help direct them to their needed solution.

Listen intently and let your friend/family’s venting steer itself naturally.

2. Hugs

Hugs are no big thing, right? On the surface, hugs may seem like another friendly gesture between acquaintances. Such contact has actually been found to relieve great amounts of stress for both involved in the hug.

According to research, oxytocin is the feel-good chemical released when two people embrace each other. Just remember: to the right person, a hug will often communicate feelings that words simply cannot.

3. Give Them a Note or Card

It isn’t just a gesture done to communicate with relatives or friends hundreds of miles away. A simple hand-written note or card with a special message is very meaningful to some people.

Thanks to the note or card, people will know you are paying attention and that you care. Whether someone is hurting or needs encouragement for the newly acquired job, a few kind words will go a very long way.

Not sure where you can get a card? Places like CVS and Rite Aid have a variety of cards for just a dollar. Throw in a little humor and get something the person would not expect.

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4. Have a Laugh

The phrase ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ isn’t one used often, but there is a truth to it. If a friend or family member is stuck in a frustrating situation, help them to find humor in the whole thing.

Whether you are sharking jokes, coming up with bad puns, or new ways to use sarcasm, you’re sure to get a smile out of them. Laughing not only helps a person feel better, but it might help change their perspective on the whole thing.

5. Make Dinner

There’s no need to gather expensive products to produce a great meal. With even the simplest ingredients, both you and your friend/family member can enjoy a tasty meal together.

Talking over a meal is an activity that many find soothing and relaxing. You’ll both satisfy that nagging hunger and get their mind off of what’s been keeping their attention.

6. Walk Together

Speaking from personal experience, walking is an amazing way to relieve one’s stress. Stressed out and not sure what you can do? Take a walk up and down your neighborhood streets. It doesn’t cost you any money and the fresh air can give you a much-needed boost.

It’s a great way to relieve physical tension and take one’s mind off the setbacks drawing their attention away from everyday life.

7. Blast The Music

We all have a favorite song that just gets us going every time the melody hits our ears. If you’re trying to cheer someone up, play their favorite song in the car and turn the volume up to 50.

Have some fun and challenge your passenger for best dancer or lip-syncer. Forget who can see you and just get crazy.

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8. Throw a plate-smashing party

Have you ever been tempted to destroy some dishware? Enlist the help of your downed friend and grab some cheap dishes from the local dollar store. Gather the proper safety equipment and invite them over to obliterate the dishware you gathered.

Be sure to break only the dishes that you own.

9. Retail Therapy

The phrase is often associated with the negative behavior of overspending while out at the local mall. You can still give yourself retail therapy without completely draining your funds.

It isn’t about what you need either. Buy things you want, even if it’s just a sandwich from a fast food place’s dollar menu.

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