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Additional Ways Of Spending Quality Time With Your Child

Raising a child is something many of us are so willing to do that potentially dangerous surgery isn’t enough to scare us off. One of the hardest things many experience as parents is what to do with their child. Sure, you’ve spent a great deal of time raising them, but how do you truly connect?

If you are dead set on quality time, then here are few things you can do to bring a smile to your kid’s face:

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1. Regularly Scheduled Date

Anyone who is in or ever has been in a relationship knows the importance of having a schedule. Scheduling and attending those dates is important, so scheduling ‘dates’ with your kids should be that priority above all else.

You can even enlist the help of your kid to plan it. Ask them where they want to go or what they want to do. Let them decide what time of day and honor that. They will become giddy with excitement as your scheduled date approaches.

2. Morning Routine

Mornings are something that very few people will admit to liking. As a parent, even if you dread the morning, being up before your kids is just part of your day. Instead of going straight to cleaning up the kitchen or going out shopping, invite your son or daughter to help make breakfast.

Not sure what to cook for dinner? See if your child has any ideas and you can plan a shopping list together before the day begins.

3. Bedtime Routine

You have already gone through the morning routine, so why not get that quality time with your kids before catching some z’s. Kids do get older and the routine might be less welcomed, so get that time in while you can.

Find a chapter book your kid is interested in and read it together before bed. Do you have a night routine involving light skin care?

Enlist your kid as a skincare partner to help you keep that schedule going and you might see maintain their own routine as they grow.

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4. Takes Pictures together Every Day

Pictures have long been seen as frozen moments in time. They are a great way to capture all the fun you and your kid(s) are having. Scroll through the filters and laugh with your kid at how ridiculously it distorts your face or puts animal features over it. Choose together which is the funniest and post to a social media and print it out later.

Ask your child for some funny costume ideas and hold a photo shoot to capture the hilarity.

5. Exercise Together

Exercise is another great way to connect with your child. No, it does not have to be the usual treadmill and leg press routine. Sports can be a great way to both work out and bond with your child.

If your son or daughter is really into basketball, you can even role play a championship rematch to really get them into it. Racquetball is also an option, if semi-stationary sports are more your speed.

6. Cook Dinner or Bake Together

Since you made the shopping list during together during your morning bonding time, it makes sense that dinner should be a team effort. Yes, your kid might be a little energetic at first, but as you spend more time cooking with them, their skills will improve.

Not only will your child learn a completely new skill, they’ll be able to cook for themselves. If you are convincing enough, you might even get them to cook for you.

7. Have a Backyard Campout

Camping is a great outdoor activity to have your kids be a part of. Tents can be set up anywhere there’s ground soft enough for stakes, so there’s no need to find a forest or nearby lake.

Do what my family did and buy an outdoor fireplace. You can roast hot dogs or marshmallows for s’mores as you and your kid share daily events from work or school. If you have a special time of spatula, you can even cook battered fish over the open flame.

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It is important to spend as much time with your child as possible. The more time you spend with them, the better your relationship with them and their eventual family will be.

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