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15 Ways to Use WD-40 That Can Save You Lots of Time and Energy

WD-40 was first popular among the military in the 50’s for cleaning up missile parts. Today, millions of people use it to clean basically everything. If your door hinges got a little rusty and were making those squeaky annoying sounds, then you have probably used WD-40. Or you certainly know someone who has used it for various purposes.

Even if it looks like as a product tailored for handymen and machinists, WD-40 has actually a broad set of applications. If you have never used WD-40 for something more rather than to just get rid of that annoying squeak your doors were making, then you are totally missing out on this product’s magic uses.

Go ahead and discover 15 surprising WD-40 hacks that will make your life easier.

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1. Polishing silver

Silver has a tendency to tarnish over time. Rather than using just a cloth to get your silver collection back its shine, add some WD-40 and thank us later.

Spray down WD-40 on your silver pieces, then wipe it clean with a cloth. You will be surprised at how sparkly it will look that you will never clean your silver without it.

2. Cleaning shoes

It may sound silly, but spraying WD-40 on your shoes will remove all the dirty spots you can’t wash out with a regular cleaning method. This water displacing product makes stubborn stains vanish.

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Not only can you clean up your sneakers with it, but you can also make them waterproof. Spray WD-4O over the entire surface and let it dry.

3. Protecting bird feeders

You or someone you know has a bird feeder in their yard? Then you probably know that squirrels like to visit the feeders to steal some seeds from the birds.

Instead of looking for a trap-like solution to keep these critters away from the beautiful birds’ food. Just spray down the top of the feeder with WD-40 and the squirrels will just slide off. Sorry, Squirrels!

4. Cleaning toilets

It’s really frustrating not managing to have a perfectly clean toilet. The truth is, the water in your house might be making this an almost impossible task.

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Try using WD-40 the same way you would use a regular toilet bowl cleaner, and you’ll see the difference this stuff makes. Not only will the toilet get cleaner more quickly, but it will also stay clean much longer.

5. Unsticking gum

The most annoying part about chewing gums is finding them stuck on your shoe, back of your jeans or virtually anywhere. Getting it off always feels like a dirty and impossible task.

If you’re dealing with a hard, chewed-up gum, spray it down with WD-40. It will help unstick the gum and it will almost fall off by itself.

6. Removing crayon marks

Sometimes having kids means having their scribbles all over your walls and even over your furniture. Crayon marks are difficult to remove and once you try, it only ends up being messier.

Don’t waste your time removing these marks with various techniques. Instead, spray a little bit of WD-40 and they will rub right off.

7. Defrosting ice

Dealing with frozen windows on your car can be really frustrating. It makes us lose our time in the morning, and instead of sipping our coffee a little longer before going to work, we end up peeling off the ice for more than 10 minutes.

Save yourself from unnecessary freezing in the morning, spray your windows with wd-40 and make sure to wipe the excess away. This will keep the ice from sticking to your windows and save you a lot of time.

8. Removing water stains

It’s almost impossible not finding your shower covered with an insane amount of water stains all over it. Plus they are really visible and hard to clean up.

WD-40 comes handy even in this case. Clean your shower in the usual way and then finish by spraying wd-40. Then take a sit and watch the water stains vanish forever.

9. Polishing scissors

Nowadays we use scissors in the various situation: in the garden, in the kitchen, while crafting etc. And sometimes we forget to clean them regularly and they get sticky and dirty.

Don’t break your back by cleaning excessively your scissors, but spray a decent dose of WD-40 over them and polish them regularly using this hack. They will look brand new.

10. Removing stickers and price tags

You were peeling off a sticker, it seemed it will go off entirely, but…Arghh.. instead it just remained partly stuck. And you know what a hassle it can be.

Here come’s the OCD hero! Coat the sticker with a spritz of WD-40 and then peel it away in a second. If you try this, you will never peel those stickers off without it.

11. Unsticking zippers

Believe it or not, this magical product can help you to unstick that zipper on your favorite old backpack you almost forgot. Of course, you can use it for any stuck zipper you find.

Spray the WD-40 on the zippers carefully, gently pull them back and forth and let the magic happen! They’ll just slide back into the right place.

12. Removing tea and coffee stains

Coffee or tea stains may discourage you from thinking you will ever see your table as clean as it used to be. Instead of worrying about spilling a little coffee, relax and remember that even in this situation WD-40 is there for you.

Combine your regular cleaning routine with a spray of WD-40 and the stains will be successfully removed. It’s amazing, right?

13. Banishing tar stains

We all know the tar stains are the most stubborn ones. It takes years of experience to know how to clean them without making a total mess or ruining the layers of paint on your car.

WD-40 is a gamechanger when it comes to tar stains too. Just spray down the surfaces and those annoying patches will just melt off.

14. Taking off rings

You just wanted to try that beautiful ring your friend always wears. Next thing you know, you can’t get it off and it feels like you have to say goodbye to your poor finger.

There’s no need to panic! Covering your finger with WD-40 will make that ring just slide off in no time. Thanks, WD-40!

15. Remove lipstick

Lipsticks are all fun and sexy when they are on the lips. But, we all know that when it touches our clothes, it can become a pretty tough stain to clean.

Spray some WD-40 on that lipstick stain before you wash it your regular way and it will help your clothes to be as clean as before.

Have you ever guessed that this household product could have so many different purposes? Now that you know all the hacks that include WD-40, we’re sure you won’t look it the same way as before.

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