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19 Hilarious Wedding Dresses

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Most brides and grooms choose to go traditional style and opt for a classic white dress and traditional suit with no stripes or dynamic colors. But, occasionally some brides love to show their unique personality or fashion taste with original wedding dresses.

Dresses can be made from different materials and some brides just love to make a statement with a dress on their wedding day.

Check how these brides used balloons and a Hello-Kitty-theme to create the perfect wedding dress and shock everyone. Decide if they should pass them on their daughters or burn them.

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19. Too Many Balloons?

Don’t you want to know if she gets to sit on her wedding day? Without popping? And what made this lady to a have a balloon dress anyway?

So far, it’s not known why this bride went for this dress, or if she lost any of the balloons during her wedding day. But one is known for sure – she had to stay away from the sharp objects.

18. More Than Anyone Expected

This bride wanted to make her wedding day memorable and she did it. Just look at this photo and you will see that every goal is achievable.

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This bride wore a train lengthy-long enough that each guest had to hold onto it. We guess that they were more than happy about it. After all, everyone wants to see a happy bride, right?

17. What A Throwback

This bride and her bridesmaids decided to bring back all the fun that ’90s had when it comes to fashion.

The ’90s were all about furry and sparkly materials. To pulled these outfits nowadays you really should be into the ’90s and lived them. It seems that these ladies know everything about the ’90s.

16. From Scraps To Scraps

People usually love some bohemian here and there. But this lady maybe took it a little too far. Moreover, there is something really strange about this photo.

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This couple looks like they are about to fall off the edge of the planet. Sometimes, less is more.

15. Just Another Thinkerbell

It’s not uncommon to hear girls how they want to have a wedding that is straight out of fairy tale. Many want it, but just a few get it. This bride got her share.

This bride decided to make her dream come true and to have proper fairy tale wedding. She got her wings, her fairy gown, and a fluffy dress. Also, she had a Prince Charming.

14. A Dress Worth $235,000

Newlyweds tend to spend nicely on their wedding outfits. However, some tend to spend more. Like 235,000 dollars more. This bride did just that.

Evka was only 19 at the time, but yet she pulled this gigantic move. She wanted the dress and she made people talk about it. This dress made international headlines.

13. White No More

When a bride wants her favorite colors on her wedding day she will wear them. Like never before, white is boring and out.

This bride is also not a fan of white, so she decided to spice up things a little by throwing in some color. If you are a creative person, this is a dress for you?

12. Shrek And Fiona

Some people just know how to make things fun. Moreover, they know how to make an entire wedding unorthodox. How about real-life Shrek and Fiona?

These two look so happy as if their long-time desire just come to life. They are green, happy, and married. Is there anything not to like here?

11. Cacti Wedding Dress

A real plant enthusiast loves cacti. In a short period, this plant become everyone favorite. However, one bride took it to a whole new level.

This bride decided to dedicate her plant-love toward cacti plant and have one-of-a-kind-dress. She certainly achieved that. But what we want to know is – how did she put her arms out to eat?

10. Over The Rainbow

Whoa, this couple decided to do it their way 100%. They wore black and had a little something extra. No tradition here at all.

This couple decided to spice up their black outfits with rainbow accents. Yes, this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but we should at least admire their goals.

9. Too Lit

This bride decided to send a clear message that no one should mess with her or she will relish the fire.

This young woman decided to keep the traditional wedding shape and color to spice things up a little with some flames.

8. Diaper Dress

It seems that no dress can surprise us so far, but this one is so far probably the biggest shock because it was made from only baby diapers.

If you have kids, it’s only natural to have them on your big day. But is this a bit too far? If nothing else this dress is completely sustainable. She got to re-use it for sure.

7. Gangsta Love

This may come as a shock, but gangsters are also full of love. This couple is the best example of such a claim.

This couple decided to make their wedding 100% original. Therefore, they spray-painted their clothes. This method allowed them to keep it traditional with a punch of street style. And all that, in just one go.

6. Wedding Ritual Or Just A Dress

Shotgun weddings are a thing even nowadays. But, this bride doesn’t look happy here… Is she about to be hunted?

The happiest element here is a bouquet the bride is holding to her chest. We hope that everyone went home safe from this wedding.

5. Punk Rock Proposal

This couple knows that punk rock is much more than a genre – it’s a real lifestyle. This bride took it to a whole new level.

The bride said ‘no’ to traditional accessories and she went for white horns. We can only imagine how the priest reacted.

4. A Bite Of Dress

Some people are just more practical than others. And this bride is all about being practical and tasty.

If you want a piece of cake you need to come and see the bride. This way you get to admire the bride all day long.

3. Wedding Christmas

This bride must be a huge fan of Christmas. Her wedding dress resemblance a Christmas tree with a pinch of peacock-theme background.

This is most definitely not a dress for everyone. Could you pull it off?

2. Say Cheers To A Dress

People spend days and even months thinking about their perfect wedding outfit. Moreover, they all make it about appearance. However, this bride made it all about being practical.

This bride decided that it would be a good idea is she served as a wine rack on her wedding day. Bottoms up for the bride!

1. A Walking Muffin

This bride like deserts and she wanted to make sure that everyone gets its bite. So, she found a perfect solution – have them on her all the time.

This is also a great way to save on service. Who needs waiters with bride-service as this one?

Ready for more? Continue reading and see 13 hilarious wedding fails.

People Are Sharing Wedding Fails And I’m Legit Gasping

13. Two White Dresses And Monster-In-Law

‘My Mother-In-Law Wore A Wedding Dress To My Wedding. So, Yeah, Top That One, Twitter.’

This is not an easy thing to deal with at your wedding. After all, you want to remember yourself in THE white dress, and not your mother-in-law, right? Fingers crossed that the groom survived the rage.

12. Three Is Fun

‘All three of the grandmothers unexpectedly showed up to the wedding in ??the??exact??same??dress!’

This is a clear sign that the fashion industry needs to step up its game and deliver more diversity in senior fashion. Ladies love to dress nicely even when they are seventy. Look at them, joking together!

11. When You Are A Real Dog-Lover

‘I’m a dog trainer. A client wanted her 6 Husky dogs at her wedding & her friends were invited to bring their Huskies. I advised against it as Huskies are very pack oriented. During the vows, a howling competition began. I knew what was coming. Yep. Full-on dog rumble.’

It’s said a long time ago – know your man. Well, the same should be said for dogs as well. Having a dog is such a joy, but having a pack at the wedding…not so much! This bride learned the difficult way.

10. Man Want To Look Good, Too

‘When my brother got married his wife laughed uncontrollably throughout the ceremony because she had just found out that he was wearing Spanx under his tux.’

We are not sure about you, but for us, this sounds like a dream couple. All we see here is love, friendship, and good humor. What a way to start your marriage. Wish you happiness and Spanx on!

9. Baby Alert

‘During the Best Man’s toast at his brother’s wedding, my husband congratulated them, not just for their wedding, but for their baby that was on the way. Unbeknownst to him, that was the baby announcement for the bride’s family who hadn’t been told yet.’

You know how they say – the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We are sure that there will be no more toast in this family. Ever again.

8. Not Another Regular Expression

‘I thought I was making a calm, composed face as my wife came down the aisle. I found out this was the face I made.’

This face should be #husbandgoal, people! He was simply terrified, or wowed by her beauty? Regardless, they got married that day, with this face on and lived happily ever after. We hope.

7. Lost And Found

‘My sweet mom accidentally lost my wedding dress on the day of my wedding. It flew off her car and someone stole it. I had to find a new dress 2 hrs before I needed to walk down the aisle. I ended up liking my new dress better!’

Well, people do lose things…Keys, books, and apparently wedding dresses! Follow up on the story: a random guy found it and decided to sell it one week later. Moreover, he tried to sell in the same wedding shop where this lady bought the dress in the first place.

6. Move, Hot Dog Coming Through

‘My dad was in charge of food for my reception, we gave him a budget of $500. We show up to the reception and he has cooked up $200 worth of Bar-S hot- dogs, and nothing else. He told us years later he used the rest of the money to buy a freezer to hold all the hot dogs.’

When you love hot dogs, you really love hot dogs. Why not share it with everyone? Nothing makes a wedding more glamour than a good old hot dog, right? Well, if nothing else, this can always be a good family story.

5. First Wedding Night

‘At the end of the night, I carried my wife into our honeymoon suite only to find another couple had fraudulently checked in the room as the bride & groom and were GOING AT IT in our bed. Needless to say, we got another room, for free, for the week.’

Everyone tells how important the first wedding night is. Well, this couple won’t forget it for sure. Ever! After all, they did get to use the money from their honeymoon to something else.

4. The First Choice Is Not Always The Best One

‘Before my wedding, the best man told me I shouldn’t marry his best friend. I never got along with the best man and, of course, got married. Now, I’m divorced from my first husband and I’m now happily married to the former best man. I guess I should have listened!’

It’s not easy to find true love from the first attempt. Sometimes you need to learn from your mistakes. Luckily, some people do learn, apparently.

3. The Godfather

‘#WeddingFail told my cousin, a groomsman, that my wife’s dad was in the mafia & when coming down the aisle, he had to stop, kneel, and kiss his ring. I forgot to tell him I was joking. He did it.’

Brando and De Niro would be proud. Would love to know what dad did, right? Moreover, was there a black cat around waiting to be pet, perhaps?

2. Watch Your Mouth, Young Man!

‘#weddingfail started my best man speech with “fornication” then cleared my throat and finished with “for an occasion such as this, the best man speech should last no longer than the groom can last in bed” and sat down. His 90-year-old grandma yells out “did he say fornication?!”’

We can understand this. The pressure, stage fright, everyone looking at you, your best friend is getting married… A man can slip and make an honest mistake. What is your story excuse, nanny?

1. Blame It On Swayze

‘My husband and I tried to do the Dirty Dancing move at his brother’s wedding. Turns out we should have left it to Patrick Swayze…I ended up busting my mouth open and he had a concussion.’

Being the star of the dance floor is not something that you achieve easily. You need the posture, the right attitude, confidence, athletic ability, endurance and smile on each step. Or you can just go dirty-dancing-style, fail, and make everyone remember you.

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