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Think Eating Duck Tongue Is Disgusting? Then You Should See These 7 Weird Foods From Kansas

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The state of Missouri earned its name after a tribe of Sioux that referred to themselves as the Missouris. It is also the only place with a ‘cave restaurant.’ But there is more to the show-me state than traditional names and interesting places to visit. Two of the most famous people in history, Amelia Earhart and Dwight D. Eisenhower, were both from Kansas.

Like any other state, Missouri has its go-to spots for everyone’s particular tastes. They’re big on ribs and Buffalo wings, but this is a list of Kansas City food that the majority of the country, and very likely the world, would find weird:

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1. Duck Tongue

At a place called Extra Virgin, patrons are served a variety of what can be considered Mediterranean classics. Yes, the establishment has food for the more cautious crown, but they also have the aptly named “For the Adventurous” segment of their menu.

Duck tongue is sold alongside crispy pig ear salad and Sicilian spleen sandwiches. Cooks at Extra Virgin marinate the duck tongue in spicy achiote paste, then topped with pickled onions and queso fresco before becoming the filling for hard shell tacos.

A splash of lime is said to really bring out the flavor of the duck tongue. Before now, as with many reading this, I had no idea eating duck tongue was a thing. I’ll have to give it a taste if I’m ever in Missouri

2. Pickled Herring Board

Scandanavia shares its flavors of cooking in Kansas City thanks to Krokstrom Klubb and Market, which opened in the first half of 2016. Though they offer craft cocktails and traditional open-faced sandwiches, all food-related experiences tend to be unique.

The biggest stand-out on Market’s menu is the Pickled Herring Board. On the board, you’ll be served juniper and onion-pickled herring with baby potatoes and sour cream. I can’t say without having tried it what the taste is, but this particular item is designed to be shared.

3. Squid Ink

Having watched more than a couple of seasons of Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef, I’m a little more intrigued now when it comes to food cooked or served with squid ink. The French-inspired bistro, Westport Café and Bar sells a dish some might call unusual: fettuccine with squid ink.

With hand-made pasta from Cupini’s, chefs prepare the dish shrimp, crab, and fresh tomatoes. The visuals of the squid ink may be in your face and off-putting, but the savory subtle flavor is one guaranteed to go well with your choice of wine.

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4. Tell Tail

Mesob is an establishment located in the center of Midtown, known for its variety of Ethiopian and Caribbean food. Sounds like a fusion restaurant, right? In actuality, Mesob cooks and sells two distinct types of food side-by-side.

If you’re looking at the Caribbean menu, you’ll want to go with the oxtail, which is first seared and then braised with chopped carrots, celery, and onion, before chefs finish it off with red wine sauce.

The thought of eating this particular food is actually making my mouth water. Mexicans also have an oxtail dish, but it is served in a broth with a medley of vegetables and boiled potatoes.

5. Tantalizing Tentacles

When you are nowhere near the ocean, it’s hard to get a decent plate of tasteful seafood. But don’t let that stop you from getting your fill of tentacles from Jarocho Pescados Y Mariscos, owned by Carlos Falcon.

Falcon’s establishment sources its seafood from every corner of the globe. And the restaurant owner’s place is known for its two ways of cooking octopus: pulpo encebollado, and pulpo entinta.

Pulpo encebollado is octopus tentacles that are sautéed in onion after first being boiled, with garlic, onions, and chopped jalapeno. The pulpo entinta is broiled octopus sautéed in octopus ink.

6. Ooey Geoduck

The name might say it, but no, this not duck. In fact, the ‘ingredients’ for the dish come from a large saltwater clam. Bob Wasabi on 39th Street West serves the rarely-seen mirugai, which is soft, tender and tastes much like other related mollusks.

You can order the food sashimi style or ask for nigiri-style and have it served over rice. It’s not always available, so get it when you know they have it in stock.

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7. Groundhog/Woodchuck

Considering how much of a pest they are to crop farmers in Missouri, I’m not surprised that someone in Kansas City decided to start serving them up on plates. Justus Drug Store, owned by Chef Jonathan Justus, began serving up spit-roasted woodchuck after they became too much of a pest at his home.

Are there any foods on the list you cannot fathom eating? Which ones on the list are you willing to try?

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