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Most Passionate Sports Fans Come Up With Some Strange Superstitions, Here Are 7 That We Find The Weirdest

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There are a variety of sports that currently exist, and millions to billions a year will watch those games. Whether American Football, soccer, baseball, or basketball, these fans may also participate in eccentric traditions and rituals that may be unique to the sport itself or the country the fans are from.

Here are a list of traditions that can go from simply odd to downright disturbing:

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1. The Game-day Meal

There’s nothing like breaking out the expensive utensils for that annual special meal. If you are a sports fan or know someone who is a die-hard fan who watches on their big screen, you’ve likely seen a decent spread.

Many American Football fans subscribe to the superstition that eating pig during game day or while at a sporting event will imbue the team with good luck. They may also tell you to find a pig’s nose to rub for luck during the course of the week.

Who needs a special reason to eat delicious pork?

2. The Lucky Cricket

If you’ve seen Disney’s Mulan, you might already be familiar with the idea of a lucky cricket. Far to the east, many Asian cultures believe cricket to be an insect swimming in luck. To see one and be kind to it may bring you good fortune.

The sports fans who don’t think there’s enough luck might be carrying a dead one in a plastic bag. You could carry a dead bug in your pocket, or you could write letters to your team and suggest they improve training.

3. Unwashed Jersey

I personally cannot stand wearing a shirt I have sweat buckets into. It might take on a shape or texture that some might not find so comfortable to touch. Supposedly, the unwashed jersey has all the ‘magic’ from the last game the team one if it was worn at the time. After your team wins, simply drape it over something and leave it there till the next match-up.

Disappointed and the more superstitious of the bunch might burn their former lucky jerseys if they wore it and the team lost the game. It just sounds like a waste of money if you paid more than $15 for it. But if you’ve got the disposable income to afford that luxury, more power to you.

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4. Ladybugs

Ladybugs are known for their red carapace and the dots that adorn them. Known for their avid farming of aphids, squashing a ladybug on purpose or by accident will hit your team with negative energy. But saving a ladybug is supposed to bring good luck.

The “luck” they come with is supposedly increased if you manage to bring one of the bugs to a game.

Carrying such a vulnerable creature into a crowded stadium sounds like a bad idea. Do you really want to risk giving your team back luck with this one?

5. Acorns

Acorns are known to come from the Willow Oak tree and are known for their distinct shape. The shell of this tree nut is said to provide award against things like hockey penalties, terrible quarterback sacks, and less than stellar 3 point shots.

Stuffing your pockets with acorn shells sounds pretty harmless, but you might not want to walk in with so much they spill out.

6. Gems

Many people will wear jewelry with the birthstone color that corresponds to the month they were born. Even the casual jewelry wearer may have a special piece with their favorite team’s colors.

While some may find the idea of ‘energy’ in stones ridiculous, it doesn’t hurt to carry a good luck charm with you while your team is doing well.

7. The Four-Leaf Clover

Clovers are usually found in large patches and for those who do not know, it is actually a weed. Though it is classified as such, it has been associated with luck in Irish lore. The very first Leprechaun movie saw someone use it as a magic weapon.

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For those who believe it has lots of magic power, laminate in a small plastic square and drop it into your pocket.

Just a little secret, though: if you find a patch of clovers in high concentration, you’ll likely find more than a single four-leaf clover.

What are some sports fans superstitions you have heard of? Which is the absolute weirdest you’ve heard or seen?

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