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This Is What Happens When You Finally Quit Sugar

Sugar is a substance we see in almost everything we eat. It is almost impossible to escape from it. There are advertisements for food, drinks, and snack that are ‘sweet’ and have ‘excellent flavors,’ but why the need for so much sugar? There are already studies showing what happens when we have too much.

If you are still not sure about cutting it out of your diet, here are a couple of reasons that might motivate you to take the road sooner:

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1. Improved Energy

You would think something like sugar would supply you with energy, right? We always see children on that ‘sugar high’ just zooming through those birthday parties and our home living rooms. There is a boost when you ingest sugar, yes, but it is nothing more.

Too much sugar and your body struggle to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Your energy will wax and wane throughout the day. One minute you will be ready to get hours of work done in minutes, and another you’ll be struggling to lift yourself out of a slouch.

Stop taking in all that sugar, your energy levels will normalize, and you’ll work more efficiently throughout the day.

2. Better Sleep

Those of us who love candy probably all got the same lecture as a kid during Halloween, “Don’t eat that candy or you won’t be able to sleep.” Sure, as a kid, we just thought it was a parent ‘raining on our parade’ of awesome sugary sweets. We didn’t know that they were trying to prevent us from experiencing a sugar crash.

Too much sugar in your system will be taxing on your body’s natural energy levels, causing insomnia as your body tries to regulate blood sugar levels. Eat foods that are low in sugar, your body will readjust to the new change slowly, but eventually, your nights of slumber will be more restful.

3. Protect Your Heart

Heart health is extremely important and limiting sugar can help a great deal with improving it. High sugar diets are known to return a high glycemic index, thus increasing chances of cardiac-related illnesses.

Manage your triglycerides properly by cutting out all that excess sugar and allow the good cholesterol to do its work. Triglycerides (bad cholesterol) store those extra calories, making your heart work a little harder than it needs to.

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The heart is an important muscle. Be nice to it.

4. Better Skin

How our skin looks will change how we perceive ourselves and oftentimes how others perceive us. The condition of our skin, of course, is a direct result of our diets. Aside from stress, excessive sugar in a diet is the leading cause of acne.

Cutting it out of your diet will improve the youthfulness of your skin, lessening the frequency of acne till it disappears altogether. Before long, you can go out without having to work magic using your expensive make-up palette.

5. Stronger Immune System

Fighting off infections is what our body’s immune system was designed to do. Studies have found that large amounts of sugar can dampen the effectiveness that the system may have on illnesses.

Everyday germs may feel a lot stronger than normal and because sugar is a naturally inflammatory substance, any illness that inflames tissue will be felt ten times worse.

6. Moods Will Stabilize

So you had a bad day at work and all you want to do is chow down on your favorite snack. Have you already asked yourself how much sugar is in your go-to comfort food? It is not common knowledge, but sugar directly affects an individual’s mental health state.

Surprisingly, there are correlations between increased sugar intake and increased risk of depression and schizophrenia.

Need to feel happier? Get on starting your favorite activity and avoid the sugar so you don’t go off the rails when it runs low.

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7. Weight Loss

Sugar-free seems to be the ‘in’ things when it comes to dieting and there is a reason why. Because it affects your energy levels, it also affects your ability to burn calories properly. You can avoid the special diets and shed pounds by simply removing sugar from your everyday foods.

Avoid sweets for long enough and eventually, you’ll lose your cravings. After that, getting those calories burning won’t be a problem!

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