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Christopher Knight After ‘The Brady Bunch’

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Not all celebrities are forever remembered! It usually depends on the impact and influence created during their years of fame. For America’s beloved Christopher Knight, however, his legacy lives on long after his acting days. He has defied all odds and managed to remain relevant over the years with his contribution to the film industry to thank.

A perfect depiction of the phrase talent runs in the family, Christopher Anton Knight took after his father Edward Knight’s love for film. Just like his old man who was an actor and producer, Christopher Knight is a big name in the film industry and the business circles of America.

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He could be described as a man of many titles which he earned from his mastery of different talents and skills. Knight is a famous American Actor who doubles as a comedian and a businessman. Apart from his notable mentions for his contribution to the film industry, Knight has had countless achievements in the business world.

Far from his acting career, he also became a public figure after making regular appearances on Television in the 2000s.

The Brady Bunch

If you are familiar with the 1970’s series ‘The Brady Bunch’, then you should know the main star of the film. Christopher Knight was the man behind the main role in this series. The talented actor played ‘Peter Brady’, an act he is popularly known for. Apart from the 70’s series, Knight also took up periodic roles in Just You and Me, Kid, Curfew, Nowhere and The Doom Generation.

He was a child star who started living his dream in his childhood. On November 7, 1957, the multitalented actor was born in Manhattan, New York. He is the second born child in a family of four siblings; three boys and one girl.

He started his career at a very young age by being featured in commercials. The actor received advertising deals for top-notch companies like Tide, Toyota, and Cheerios.

Although his life was seemingly talent oriented, Knight went for his academic studies at the University of California in the United States. Apart from the commercials, he was also privileged to sign agreements to appear in Television shows. Gaining such fame and celebrity status at his youthful age, Knight was able to gain skills that created a foundation for his long-term career goals.

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Away from the screens, Knight suffered from attention deficit disorder. Doctors diagnosed it in 1997. The actor also served as a spokesperson for the National Consumer League’s AD/HD campaign.

Love Life

His love life has not been a bed of roses but he eventually managed to settle down with the woman of his dreams Cara Kokenes in 2016. Before Cara, Christopher already had a record of divorcing three women. After three failed marriages, most of his fans thought he would never go on that path again.

In November of 2016, however, the actor conducted a secret wedding with his lover and fourth wife. Only close friends and family were invited and the details of the ceremony were not covered by the media.

Christopher Knight As A Wealthy Man

Knight has a net worth of 10 million dollars. Considering his multiple sources of income, the actor is probably among the richest celebrity actors. Apart from the wealth acquired from his acting career, the actor is known to be well invested in different businesses.

In 1988, Christopher joined the computer industry as a sales manager for a tech company. Within the first year of his tech job, Knight bagged a million-dollar deal with the company. In 1989, the actor was promoted and named as the Martel, Inc’s Vice President. Years later he co-founded a visual software company and launched his second company.

The actor is currently involved with several projects like Christopher Knight Brands whose objective is to promote his online home furnishing brands. Knight also ventured his business interest into TV and film production. In a most recent interview, the actor revealed that he is indeed elated to have taken this path.

Being a big name comes with a reward and Knight has had multiple achievements including nominations and wins for awards. He is one of the American celebrities whose legacy will live on for many years.

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Just to name a few notable awards and nominations he received; Christopher Knight was nominated for the Cable Ace awards for his performance in a comedy special in 1994.

Back in 2003, he was nominated for TV lands award as a favorite dual-role character. He wasn’t left out of the nominations list for TV lands award as favorite singing siblings in the Brady Bunch show. The actor bagged the coveted pop culture award for his Brady Bunch Show role in 2007.

Talk about a good career!

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