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Why Millenials Are Skipping Church And Their View On Religion

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It has been reported that Millennials are the generation that is skipping the whole church and religious system most as compared to the generations before them.

The generation whose oldest member is about 37 years old this year is taking a whole different path as compared to the generations before. While most of the people in previous generations would be married with a child by now, Millenials are continually swaying away from anything church-related including marriage. Marriage for starters doesn’t hold as much water as it did before. Millennials are now choosing to stay single and if they get married, its a couple of times not just once.

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Millennials have grown u with a certain rare know it all mentality that wasn’t present in the previous generations. This could be attributed to the fact that there exists so much information now that they have access to.

The Church Isn’t Catering To Their Needs

In this day and age, a lot of subjects that were initially known as taboo topics have blown up and come to light. While everyone else is trying to adjust to the new way of living, the church has completely held its ground and remain mum on matters that affect the dignity and fulfillment of life.

One good example is sexuality topics. In the older generations, only heterosexual relationships were accepted in society and this served the church well. Today, however, different new forms of sexuality have come to light and even gotten legalized in some parts of the world.

These include homosexual relationships and bisexuality. Coming out for many of these people has been hard enough because of the stigma surrounding their sexuality. It has been a matter of life and death for many. The church, however, maintains that the only form of relationship acceptable is between a man and a woman.

This ignorance of issues relative to Millennials has contributed to more of them leaving the church and never coming back.

Solitary Lifestyle

Many Millenials grew up in the age of double-income households where both parents were fully engrossed in their work. This left them to partially grow up alone and to adopt a mandatory loner mentality.  Growing up in the age of the internet and social media further secluded them from the whole concept of community.

A person could have a thousand friends on Facebook but no one to talk to. This has made very many Millenials to keep to themselves and ditch the church in the process. It’s not surprising that many Millenials are suffering from depression and other mental illnesses due to the solitary lifestyle they have embraced.

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Prefer Practices With Less Commitment

Millennials have moved from the church and all the commitment it requires to other fewer commitment practices. According to many Millenials, the Church asks for too much. They were not raised in a system of loyalty and commitment hence many lacks the necessary skills to devote themselves to church activities. More of them are choosing to take up practices that involve less commitment such as Yoga and self-care.

Many Millenials know and believe that there is a God, but most of them find going to church and engaging in church activities to be too tasking. Some prefer finding their way to God as opposed to being led like the metamorphic herd of sheep.

Busy Life

Millennials are currently at that age where they are climbing up the corporate ladders while some are still in college. Many of them are struggling with paying off school loans ad debt. They are usually forced to work more than one job to make ends meet. So many of them have put off the religious process for later or never because of their busy schedules.

Turning To Atheism

Millennials regard themselves as the ‘woke’ generations. They, therefore, do not buy into a lot of hypocrisy portrayed by the church. Generation Y has observed just how fat preachers are getting from the congregation’s hard-earned money without contributing to their well-being. They find the system illogical. Many are leaving the church to be Atheists and Muslims.

Because of this hyper-awareness, not only have they left the churches but less of them are taking part in their civic duties.



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