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International Window Cleaning Competition Is A Real Deal And Here Is What You Should Know About It

It is hard to imagine that a bunch of people would come together and organize a window cleaning competition.

Well not only is that reality but there stands a Guinness World Record holder who has remained unbeatable since 2005. 

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The very first Window Cleaning World Cup & Guinness World Record Challenge at the Cleaning Show was held last year at the Excel Convention Centre, London on March 20th, 2019. Window cleaners came from across the globe to take part in the competition– and make an official Guinness World Record attempt. 

Competitors had to clean three consecutive office-style windows set in a frame with a 300 mm squeegee and nine liters of water. They were tasked with cleaning three 114.3 cm x 114.3 cm and expected to remember to wipe the window sill, with time penalties awarded for any smears. 

The competition was adjudicated by the Federation of Window Cleaners (FWC) and the Guinness World Records were also in attendance, but no new records were achieved.

The Federation was established in 1947 as an independent, non-profit making organization to support the needs of window cleaners in the UK. 

The World Cup was also sponsored by Unger. 

“The competition was held in the Window Cleaning Pavilion,” said John Lombardo, Vice President Global Marketing and Sales, Unger Enterprises. “Unger is a proud supporter of these window cleaning competitions around the world in an effort to help showcase the ‘best of the best’ window cleaners.”

The Winner

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In a record time of 17.02 seconds, American Jeremiah Hickey emerged the winner scooping a £1,000 cash prize and the trophy. The 42-year-old who runs On The Spot Window Cleaning California was crowned overall winner in the USA’s Speed Window Cleaning contest held in San Diego earlier last year.

The win surprised him as he didn’t expect it. “To hear my name as the winner in the end, I was totally floored. It’s different widows to what I’m used to, a different technique, so I [was] really surprised,” he said.

He was followed in second place by Jimmy Strom from Sweden who completed the task in 17.70 seconds.

In third place was Englishman Darren Ansbro who finished cleaning his windows in 18.40 seconds.

Entrants in the inaugural Window Cleaning World Cup came from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales as well as from overseas. They included the current fastest window cleaner in the world, Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows, from Essex, who set his first Guinness World Record in 1995. The world record, held by Terry Burrows, of course, is currently 9.24 seconds.

This was set at the NEC in March 2005. Terry is also a black belt in karate (Koodokan) and his teacher is a black belt 6th dan. He claims that the karate has made him faster and more determined with his window cleaning competitions and record attempts.

Female window cleaners were also encouraged to take part and battle it out for a separate World Cup title and another 1000 pounds in cash. The current world record holder for woman’s Guinness Window Cleaning World Record is Britain’s, Deborah Morris.

Her record set at the 2011 UK Cleaning Show stands at 16.28 seconds.

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