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These Nikon Small World 2018 Photos Are Stunning

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Photography has been used to show the beauty of a lot of things. It can capture the emotion a mother feels for her child when they meet for the first time, a groom’s happiness as his bride walks down the aisle, or the beautiful snow caps that fall onto mountains.

But what about the smaller things in our world? You might be thinking “how small can a photograph get?” If you’re familiar with microscopes, you know the crazy detailed images they can take of the smallest things.

In a competition that been running for about 44 years now, people from all over the world can enter their own microscopic photograph. This year the competition received 2,500 entries from 89 different countries across the world.

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Although various photographs were submitted, these were some of the more notable shots: a mango seed weevil (which caught 8th place), a spider embryo, the central region of a retina, and even a mite that lives on honeybees.

The shots are no doubt amazing, but first place was snagged by a man named Yousef Al Hashbi from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The shot he submitted was of a Red Palm Weevil’s eye.

Eye of a Metapocyrtus subquadrulifer beetle, Yousef Al Habshi; Source: Nikon Small World

The winner had this to say about taking the shot: “The main challenge was to show the black body against the black background without overexposing the skin and scales,” the winner said. “Because of the variety of coloring and the lines that display in the eyes of insects, I feel like I’m photographing a collection of jewelry.”

To get the shot, Al Hashbi used reflected light and stacked 128 micro-graphs into one image.

We congratulate Al Hashbi for winning this years best Nikon Small World photo, but there are also other photos that were awarded for their exceptional appearance and quality. Let’s take a look!

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Fern sorus (structures producing and containing spores), Rogelio Moreno Gill; Source: Nikon Small World

Peacock feather section, Can Tunçer ; Source: Nikon Small World

Primate foveola (central region of the retina), Hanen Khabou; Source: Nikon Small World

Security hologram, Dr. Haris Antonopolous; Source: Nikon Small World

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Would you have the patience to take a shot of something microscopic? Or is it better to just sit back and enjoy the work of the competitors of the competition?

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