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15 Fabulous Cities For Winter Break In Europe

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1. Seville

If you are not fond of snow, cold and Christmas markets, Seville and Andalusia, in general, might be what you always dreamed of. With temperature never dropping below gentle 15 Celsius, winter-Seville will let you charge your batteries enjoying the spring weather and glorious architecture.

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2. Venice

In winter season, whether in Venice gets seriously cold, with wind making it all a bit worse, but what qualifies winter-Venice for this list is the fact that it is far less crowded than in any other season, and that you actually get to experience this magical city without hordes of tourists ruining it all for you. And also it is less expensive in winter.

3. Athens

The capital of Greece is absolutely marvelous all year around, but off-season, meaning anything but summer, late spring and early autumn will ensure you better prices, springy weather, and the chance to enjoy the greatness of the Greek civilization and beauty of the Mediterranean missing the crowd of tourists.

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4. Berlin

When the winter comes, all of the street crowd of cafés, galleries, and bars seemingly disappear into their own indoor spaces and gets partially replaced by Christmas markets, ranging from small local to huge ones. The whole ambiance changes when lakes freeze, and it gets really cold, so warm clothes are an absolute must!

5. Madrid

The Spanish capital is the highest European capital, settled 664m above sea level, so winter isn’t exactly gentle in Madrid. However, the weather is sunny, the sky is blue, so having an afternoon coffee at pavement café in the middle of January is perfectly normal. Plus, January is the cheapest month to visit Madrid!

6. Nice

One of the most beautiful French coastal cities Nice is especially beautiful in winter time. The city full of beautiful restaurants, bars, and museums gets, of course, less crowded in winter, and it does not get hit by harsh winters and gets really pleasant and comfortable in winter – perfect time to visit it!

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7. Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is absolutely stunning regardless of season, but if you are not into snow and cold and regular Christmas spirit, Palma de Mallorca, with its ever-warm weather, everlasting sunshine, marvelous architecture, and beautiful beaches might be the perfect choice for you to escape the winter – for at least a couple of days.

8. Rome

In winter, Rome gets well-deserved relief from endless crowds of tourists and is (almost, but never entirely) re-claimed by Romans. Only in winter you actually get to see and feel how this ancient city actually lives and breathes, and get the chance to see it in its best possible light combined with the holiday spirit, if you pick November or December.

9. Barcelona

Winter in Barcelona means dry weather, with temperature hardly ever dropping below 5c, no crowd, some of the best exhibitions and cultural programs of the entire year, blue sky, sunny weather… The only thing you don’t actually get the summer beach fun, but unless that’s all you are seeking, Barcelona in winter is absolutely perfect.

10. Vienna

Winters in Vienna are famously cold, but equally famous for their fairy-tale like beauty. Temperatures often drop below zero, but it’s mostly sunny and clear. Vienna is famous for its beauty during the Christmas season, so never mind the winter and cold, dress up warmly and enjoy the fairy-tale!

11. Valletta

Malta’s capital Valletta is one of the most unusual and beautiful places one can choose to visit. Deep, natural harbor, Valletta has been on the crossroads of the historical events, all of which left deep marks on it. It is equally impressive for its natural features and for the medieval architecture dominating the city.

12. Amsterdam

Although you will be deprived of the bike riding and walks down the canals (unless you are a true hard-core winter fan), Amsterdam in winter has a lot to offer. Instead of time, you would be drawn to spend outside in any other season, winter might be the perfect time to see what Netherlands’ capital has to offer indoors.

13. Paris

City of Lights becomes the City of Christmas lights. Like everything else in Paris, the Christmas decorations and Christmas spirit is all subtle, artistic and magical. The Champs Elyse ice rink, beautiful, picturesque markets, baked chestnuts to keep you warm being sold on the streets – winter-Paris is a treat for all senses. Did you know Paris can make you sick? Science Says It’s Possible!

14. Nicosia

The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia is stunningly beautiful and incredibly picturesque city. The border between Turkish and Greek part of the land goes through the city, but those with EU passports can cross the border freely and get to see both Selimye Mosque and St. Sophia orthodox cathedral, among many other incredible landmarks.

15. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Placed on the South-eastern part of the biggest of Canary Islands, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is extremely beautiful place to spend any season at, and winter is no exception. Tropical heaven has everything even most demanding tourist can ask for – from luxurious resorts to endless tropical beaches.

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