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Witches In Portland Gathered For Halloween To Glide On Paddleboards

Halloween is celebrated across the world by a great number of individuals. People will dress as all manner of creature, and some feel they need to add to the fun. In the events leading up to the costume-themed holiday, some catch sight of things that are out of the ordinary.

There are a number of costumes to choose from, but one of the most popular has come to be a witch. And the most common form of the witch costume? The all-time classic black dress and point hat.

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In a large event on the Willamette River, witches were accompanied by warlocks and wizards as they glided across the water’s surface atop paddleboards.

Two years ago, Ginny Kaufman, of Portland, was inspired by a California event to create Oregon’s Standup Paddleboard Witch Paddle. Although it started out with only a few dozen people taking part in the event, several hundred people now participate in the grand show.

Travel across the river involves traveling from the Willamette River to Tom McCall Waterfront Park and back.

The Standup Paddleboard Witch Paddle may look like simple fun on the surface, but it has a far more important function than what it looks like at first glance. Those who take part in this year’s festivities brought canned food, packaged socks/underwear, and other things to donate to low-income charities.

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For those in Portland, Oregon familiar with the event, it was quite normal to see a group of witches traveling across the local river.

One even made a joke about witches not being able to cross water but added that paddleboards didn’t fit into that rule.

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There’s no reason for the season of giving not to start early, right?

They may not be wielding traditional magic, but their actions are certainly magical. Take a page from the witches’ book and donate what you can, even if it’s just your time.

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