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A Single Mom Pays Nothing To Stay In A Forgotten House For Years

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When the housing market crashed, it did not affect just one country. Many countries were unable to maintain the infrastructure of selling residential houses or apartments. The cost of living became so great that owning your own home became unrealistic. One woman was lucky enough to fly under the radar for quite some time.

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Lisa Hardy was a single mom living in Indianapolis, Indiana with her children. Back in 2005, she ironically was working for a realty company named Showhomes Property Management. Hardy was having trouble managing her finances, so the company allowed her and her kids to stay in a three-bedroom house until things were sorted out.

Rent would eventually have to be paid, that was a given. But Lisa was given no specific timeline or structured method to pay back what was owed. After laying the single mother off, Showhomes went out of business. At this point, Hardy was certain she’d have to be paying rent from now on.

As time went on, Lisa Hardy bit her nails dreading when the call would finally come that rent would have to be paid. The years went by and houses around her neighborhood popped up with ‘for sale’ signs. But for nine years, absolutely nothing happened. No new landlord called demanding rent and no city officials came to remove her from the property.

In 2014, a Singapore-based investment company bought the property. The founder of CTL Group, Clara Tan Lisin, allowed Lisa Hardy and her children to continue living at the address as long as rent could be paid.

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It’s nice to see that even overseas investment companies still have compassion for others in dire straits. While Lisa Hardy may have not had to pay rent for a decade, she was likely planning for that eventuality.

Do you find it to be worthwhile to live in a house or is an apartment or mobile home more practical? How about a tiny home?

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