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This Woman Lost 120 Pounds On The Keto, See Her A Year Later

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Suzanne Ryan is the woman that managed to lose 120 pounds thanks to Keto diet, a diet a lot of people are talking about these days. She started this strict eating regime and the results started coming sooner than she thought. But what makes her story so fascinating is that she didn’t have to set her foot in the gym in order to look this good!

However, the entire process wasn’t easy for her, and she had to endure some moments of crisis that almost broke her will. The struggle of following such a strict food regime almost made her lose her marriage and end her dearest friendships. But through it all, she remained strong and motivated to change her life for a really good reason that kept her going. You won’t believe how Suzanne looks like today! Learn more about her exciting keto journey that inspired thousands of Americans.

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1. Divorced Parents

Like most bad habits, Suzanne formed her bad habit of eating processed food when she was a child. When she was in second grade, her parents got divorced and as a result, she and her brother ended up living with her father.

Although her father is a great man that only wanted all the best to his kids, sometimes he couldn’t afford making nutritious meals for his kids. They often lived in small places that didn’t even have a kitchen. And that’s when fast food and processed foods entered her life.

2. Getting Overweight

Although Suzanne was a pretty skinny kid when she was younger, with time she started gaining so much weight that she by the time she reached high school she was already overweight.

This obviously affected how she felt about herself. Her self esteem was destroyed and she didn’t know what to do in order to regain her health back. Then she heard about different diets that were claiming to help people lose plenty of weight with little effort.

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3. Diets And Pills

Suzanne wanted to lose weight so bad that she tried almost everything that was offered on the marked and tried to stick to many diets, but nothing happened. She tried South Beach Diet, Atkins, Weight Watchers, and even some diet pills, SlimFast and juicing.

Each time she stuck to a new diet or new pills for losing weight, she felt like she will finally regain her health and drop that weight that was bugging her for so long. But each time, nothing changed.

4. Love of Her Life

Although Suzanne’s self-esteem was quite low, and she didn’t find herself attractive there was someone who did. She met Mick who quickly became her best friend and her strongest support.

Mick was struggling with being overweight too. And although they both supported each other in their various challenges, nothing seemed to work. Nonetheless, the couple was happy to have found each other.

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5. Trying To Lose Weight For The Wedding

Mick decided to show his love for Suzanne and proposed. Suzanne was never happier in her whole life and said yes, of course. But, there was something that she knew had to change for the most important day of her life – she had to lose weight.

This wasn’t the first time she was looking for the perfect occasion to get back into shape. But this time she believed that her wedding would motivate her and bring her to the right track.

6. A Too Tight Wedding Dress

Unfortunately for Suzanne, all the bridal showers, parties, tastings made her wish impossible. In fact, instead of losing weight she ended up gaining more! She was really disappointed but then tried to convince herself that the wedding maybe wasn’t the right occasion for her after all.

Her wedding dress was a size 26, and she weighed over 300 pounds for her wedding. Although her husband Mick looked at her in the most lovable way, she still felt that this day could have been much better for her. The feeling that she let herself down and didn’t lose weight for their special day made her depressed.

7. Losing All Hopes

As much as she wanted to believe that maybe she should find another, better reason to lose weight than her own wedding, she still felt very depressed and hopeless.

She felt as if she won’t ever be able to lose weight if she couldn’t do it for the most important day of her life. She spent days and months thinking about what she should do in order to make it all change.

8. Turn Of Events

Then, something happened that shook her up and made her rethink her life completely. If someone told her before that such a thing would be enough to make a big change in her life, she wouldn’t have believed it!

However, after her friend shared something with her, everything changed. And ever since that moment, Suzanne has decided to be the healthiest person she can be. But what was this story that completely changed the way Suzanne thinks?

9. Wake Up Call

Her true wake-up call was when she found out that her friend’s son was diagnosed with a terminal disease. She was so shocked by the news and devastated to see the little boy slowly regressing because of his illness.

Gradually, the boy couldn’t move any longer and eventually, he passed away. Watching the young boy go through that much pain and seeing his family suffer so much, made Suzanne rethink her whole life.

10. Definitive Decision

After seeing her friend’s son suffer from the terminal disease and her friends go through that much pain, she realized something. She finally realized how lucky she was to have a body that was healthy and capable despite all the things she did to it.

No matter how much fast food, processed food she ate, her body was still functioning and was trying to be as healthy as possible. And that’s when she decided that she doesn’t want to live like that anymore. She had to treat her body the way it deserved to be treated.

11. First 5K

She decided to run her first 5k in memory of her friend’s son. She started running and although it was already a big struggle for her because of her lack of condition, it still didn’t seem to be enough.

She felt that she needed to do something much bigger, something that would be a much bigger challenge to her. She wanted to transform herself completely, and in order to do that, she needed to do some drastic changes.

12. Looking For A Diet

Suzanne realized that not much will change if she kept eating the way she used to. So, she started looking for healthy ways of eating, healthy diets for weight loss etc. And that’s when she found about Keto.

Keto is a low-carb (to almost no carb), high-fat diet that people claim makes you shed kilos with ease. Suzanne never heard about it before, and since she already tried everything else, she thought that this time the diet might actually work.

13. Keto Journey Begins

It was January 2015 when she started her keto journey. In the beginning, she thought going on keto would be quite easy. But, it turned out that it was quite a challenging diet regimen.

The first two weeks, she felt tired and hungry all the time. But this time, she decided to inform herself better on food and discovered something incredible. She wasn’t actually hungry, but her body was detoxing and craving sugar.

14. Fighting Sugar Addiction

Suzanne learned that sugar is highly addictive, so when you cut it out your body goes through a crisis. So, she started drinking as much water as possible and getting the proper amount of electrolytes in order to make her “fake hunger” go away.

She started feeling the benefits of this diet just in four to five weeks. She didn’t only lose weight (21 pounds), but she gained such a mental clarity after cutting sugar that she felt extremely motivated to continue the diet.

15. Controlled Appetite

She kept on eating this way and she liked the Keto diet more and more. Finally, she felt her appetite decrease and she felt like she finally wasn’t obsessing about food. Instead, she gained more time to spend on other important things she loved, and food and feeling hungry weren’t her biggest preoccupations anymore.

She followed her routine every day. Coffee, scrambled eggs and avocado for breakfast, a bunless sandwich wrapped in lettuce for lunch and salad with fish or meat for dinner. Her husband Mick saw that Suzanne changed and that her body was slowly but surely transforming, and he decided to follow her example and started eating keto himself!

16. Exercise

Suzanne wasn’t a big fan of the gym. And although she already lost a lot of weight she still didn’t want to work out the traditional way. However, she was aware that she needed to be more active if she wanted to lose more weight.

So, she started by doing small things that would make her be more active. She parked her car far away so she had to walk more to the store, she started going for long walks and hikes with her husband Mick and daughter Olivia.

17. 120 Pounds Lost Successfully

In the meanwhile, Suzanne lost 120 pounds and brought her weight to 168! She is so grateful to have discovered about keto as it completely changed her life. She and her husband now look completely different and look much younger thanks to the keto diet.

They have more energy, self-esteem and are much healthier than they used to. But that wasn’t everything that keto brought to Suzanne. Soon she decided to do something else that will make her famous in the fitness world.

18. Simply Keto Book

Suzanne kept on posting photos of her before and while on keto diet on Instagram. She shared her thoughts, tips and recipe ideas with other people that were struggling with losing weight.

She gained a huge following and that’s when she decided to write a book about the ketogenic diet and its most delicious recipes. She named the book “Simply keto” and used it to share her experience with this diet. She claims that this diet made her reconnect with her body and taught her to approach her health properly.

19. Bestseller

The book was a huge success and Suzanne has become one of the most famous keto diet advocates in the U.S. and beyond. She and her husband are a real motivation for thousands of people that follow what they do and, of course, what they eat.

Suzanne keeps updating her followers and always tries to give them some great piece of advice or tips on how to make the keto diet easier and simpler. The beauty of it all is that Suzanne enjoys doing it and has now become a successful, fit mom thanks to this low-carb diet.

20. Dr. Oz

She believes that if her story inspires even one person to decide to treat their body well. then she did a great job. But, it seems that other people want to help her reach even wider audiences. And one of them was Dr. Oz.

He invited her to his show in order to talk about her journey and share some of the most inspiring as well as the most struggling moments she went through while being on keto. If you saw the talk show, you would see how amazing Suzanne looks and how her healthy lifestyle makes her glow! However, they both suggested that people should first consult their doctors before deciding to start their keto journeys!

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