This Woman Lost 120 Pounds On The Keto, See Her A Year Later

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Suzanne Ryan is the woman that managed to lose 120 pounds thanks to Keto diet, a diet a lot of people are talking about these days. She started this strict eating regime and the results started coming sooner than she thought. But what makes her story so fascinating is that she didn’t have to set her foot in the gym in order to look this good!

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However, the entire process wasn’t easy for her, and she had to endure some moments of crisis that almost broke her will. The struggle of following such a strict food regime almost made her lose her marriage and end her dearest friendships. But through it all, she remained strong and motivated to change her life for a really good reason that kept her going. You won’t believe how Suzanne looks like today! Learn more about her exciting keto journey that inspired thousands of Americans.

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