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These Are The World’s Most Beautiful Twins

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Internet named the identical twins Leah Rose and Ava Marie Clements the world’s most beautiful twins in the world. Having 1.2 million followers on Instagram and being signed with two modeling agencies these two 7-year-olds have definitely reshaped the way people see young models.

But how it all started? Well, just like a lot of other people that made huge successes thanks to social media, Leah Rose and Ava Marie became a worldwide sensation after their mother Jaqi began posting images of the girls on Instagram.

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However, as with most things concerning children, a lot of professionals are doubting how sane the busy modeling life is for girls that are only 7. They are constantly under the spotlight of the social media, but they also have to work for plenty of clothing brands and magazines they won contracts with. And while it indeed might look like an industry too harsh for little girls, their mother Jaqi claims that they are truly loving every minute of it!

Apparently, their mother asked the twins if they were interested in giving modeling a try in addition to their dance classes and swim team practices. “I was not surprised at all when they started jumping up and down and couldn’t wait to begin,” Jaqi said.

Since the twins were already used to perform their dance routines in front of audiences, they didn’t mind being the center of attention. Quite the contrary, they loved posing in front of the cameras and loved spending times at shootings and castings. Namely, the gorgeous girls always ended up making new friends on the castings and asking their mother if they could have “another cousin” to hang out with in their free time.

But there was still something that bugged the public eye and caused a lot of critiques. Jaqi signed the girls to a modeling agency when they were only six months old (but then decided it wasn’t the right time to put them under the spotlight). But it seems that the stunning twins weren’t the only ones from the Clements family to be signed to a modeling agency.

Their brother Chase Robert also signed to the same agencies the twins signed to. Naturally, this caused suspicion towards the twins’ parents’ intentions and resulted in a lot of negative comments. Some people accused the Clements couple to have signed their kids to modeling agencies in order to get rich, and stated that it is cruel to “force little girls” to wear makeup, stand in front of the cameras and feel the pressure of the modeling industry at such a young age.

But, Clements entirely disagree and say that, naturally, just like any other parents, they just want the best for their kids. The couple never forced their children to model. In fact, Jaqi explained on her blog “I didn’t decide that my girls were going to start modeling, they did. And if the day ever comes that they want to move on to something else, I will 100% support their decision to do that. But for now, kids or not, this is something that they enjoy doing! So don’t feel sorry for them… they aren’t sad, they aren’t missing out on their childhood and occasionally, yes, they wear a little makeup :)”

However, this doesn’t mean that everything has been all roses from the start. As Jaqi explains they have had the “good, the bad and the ugly” experiences during their journey. Not only did the family have to deal with a lot of haters and over-the-top fans, but they also had some bad experiences with agents as well. Nonetheless, Jaqi said that she learned the hard way that not everyone was so genuine and honest with them, but she learned that she had to always make sure who is she getting involved with before trusting anyone.

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