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This English-Inspired Village In The Middle of Japan Looks Like It Belongs In a Fairytale

Japan is home to many wondrous places to visit. Some might like to visit the various Shinto temples, other may want to nerd out in Akihabara, or you might just want to soak your feet in the sands of tropical Okinawa.

Although known for its rich culture and customs, it is another culture that takes center stage in a quaint little place known as Yufuin Floral Village.

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Yufuin Floral Village is said to be inspired by an English town that was the setting for many scenes in the “Harry Potter” movie series. Though the city that inspired it may have been built with funding from the crown, it was money from the pockets of a local businessman that brought Yufuin to life in 2012.

Every single business or home in the town is adorned with a variety of colorful flowers, with lamps hanging above the doors leading into each building. If the colors of the flora aren’t enough to draw people, the wonderful view of Japan’s countryside is sure to draw visitors.

The English influence is apparent throughout with the distinct red/blue flags and the old English cars that dot the streets.

Things like Kiki’s Bakery, the Battle of Fragrances, and Glasses shops are filled with signs that remind people they are still in the land of the rising sun.

Whoever the businessman was that funded the creation of the village certainly thought ahead. At the entrance to the village is a bird that visitors can meet named Beatrix Potter, a bird said to be inspired by the owls from Harry Potter. The difference between her and the birds from the movies? She gets to have her own little house.

Yufuin Floral Village is no doubt beautiful in part because of the flowers, but also because of the Old English charm of the architecture.

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